Keeping well this Winter with Dr.Dünner PhytoVitality Supplements

Every Winter without fail you can guarantee that I will fall ill, usually between Christmas and New Year, and it will drag on for the entire month of January, well into February, until I finally see a glimmer of light as Spring comes around. In the days before kids it was easier to handle, I’d get in from work, drag myself into bed, and live for the weekends when I could hibernate with the heating on full and chicken soup by the bucket load. Only now, with four children to care for and a blog to run, there is no time for sick days, and I’m realising that I need to actively fend off these Winter bugs in every way possible.

I’m a big fan of supplements and believe that, when used alongside a healthy diet, they can really make a difference to your overall health and wellbeing. So when Dr.Dünner contacted me to try their immunity boosting natural supplements, designed to keep you healthy this winter, it seemed like it could be exactly what I was looking for!

For those who haven’t heard of Dr.Dünner, he has been harnessing the healing properties of plants from the Swiss Alps since 1948. With access to flowers, herbs and botanicals, PhytoChemists and Pharmacists are able to extract the Phytonutrients and combine these plants in unique recipes to create optimal blends that support us in our daily lives. And that’s where the Dr.Dünner supplements are made!

Likened to the concept of Superfoods, Dr.Dünner products are of the purest and highest quality and I couldn’t wait to try them! With a choice of products, each containing different ingredients which, whilst supporting the immune system, offer different benefits tailored to your needs. For me, the PhytoVitality Nastrunium, Rosehip and Elderflower Capsules with Vitamin C, known to support the normal functioning of the immune system, seemed like just the answer!

Described as being like a fruit smoothie in a capsule, this unique product combines the highest quality summer fruits and flowers with vitamin C to help maintain the immune system. Vegan, gluten and lactose free, the supplements cost £25.99 for a 60 day supply and, although a little pricier than some supplements I have tried previously, the high quality ingredients and extensive scientific research speaks for itself.

I have been taking these capsules for the last ten days since and although I am still recovering from a horrendous bout of flu, I am feeling a little brighter every day and slowly but surely landing back on my feet. With the capsules safe to be taken every day, especially in the cold Autumn and Winter months, I will definitely be continuing with them throughout the year in the hope of fending off any further germs and to give my immune system a much needed boost. I am really impressed with them so far and definitely recommend Dr.Dünner to those looking for good quality supplements this Winter.

** This is a collaborative post with Dr.Dünner. All words and opinions are my own unless otherwise stated ** 







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