Getting organised with a Magnetic Weekly Planner

Due to the fact that in just one weeks time I will have three children in school and one in pre-school, I am desperately trying to get myself organised! I have so many diaries and planners, countless To Do Lists scrawled on bits of paper tucked into notebooks, scribbled notes left on the kitchen worktop in the hope that Gaz will remember to pick up the shopping or take the bins out, but as of yet none of these are really helping us to stay organised as a family!

I think the issue is that it’s all well and good me having a diary, but for Gaz and for Lewis, who both need reminding what day it is, let alone where they are supposed to be and what they are supposed to be doing, they need something that they can see right innfront of their faces – perfectly situated on the door of the fridge.

And that’s where this A3 Magnetic Weekly Planner comes into play. Currently available on Amazon at £12.99 it doesn’t break the bank and it literally does what it says on the tin – sticks to any magnetic surface with ample space to plan your entire week, plus a bonus box for any added extras.

The planner comes with three pens – blue, pink and black, which all have handy erasers on the cap. The pens are also magnetic so that you can stick them on the fridge and never have to worry about losing them!

I love that all of the boxes are blank to fill in as you wish. You could have a different box per day, or per family member, or even into categories such as school, clubs, family and work – whatever works for your family!

The only issue I had when filling it in was that my hand kept brushing against my own writing causing me to rub it out with my sleeve!

Overall I am really pleased with the planner, I think it’s a great price and is perfect for busy families! I’m hoping that from now on we will be a little more organised, although I will have to put another item on my To Do List – fill in the planner!! 



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