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I am the first to admit that I can be a little disorganised, something which often surprises people given the fact that I manage to juggle four children, a home, a blog and a thousand other things on top. People often comment that we must run our house like an army training camp, every day a military operation just to leave the house, everything planned to perfection, bags packed, clothes laid out, lunches made and homework done. The truth is that our lives are every bit as chaotic and manic as you would expect with four children and, more often than not, I am running around like a lunatic, flinging together sandwiches and PE Kits, searching for lost shoes and reading books, typing out a blog post with one hand and drinking an imaginary cup of tea in the other, our dinner burning in the oven and the house an absolute bombsite. And in that way, I’ll take the title of being disorganised without question!

So it was a real source of amusement between my friends when I announced that I was planning a baby shower for one of our friends. And not just any old baby shower, but a baby shower where there was a grand total of 50 guests invited, more people than some have at their weddings! I noticed the raised eyebrows and the stifled laughter, all of them no doubt thinking the same, “Oh god, what kind of disaster is this going to be?”. And, stubborn as ever, I refused their offers of help, telling them that it was all under control, that everything was sorted and they simply had to help me to get the Mummy-to-be to the venue without raising suspicion.

And then I freaked out.

With my first step being to secure a venue, I knew that our options were limited. Most baby showers that I have been to recently have been an “afternoon tea” affair, in quaint country cafes or the back room of a pub, but with so many guest and so few options, I knew that I was going to struggle.

So you can imagine my relief when I came across Venuefinder, a website that literally takes all of the stress out of finding a venue and simply does it for you! Not only do I access it via my laptop, but there is also an app that can be downloaded for easy access on your phone.


The site itself couldn’t be any easier to use. After registering, which was very quick and straightforward, simply use the pull down tabs to state which town or city you wish to search, the maximum room and catering capacity, or use the advanced search for a more detailed search.


Once you have added all of your criteria, simply press search and you are instantly met with a list of possible venues, all of which I found to meet my criteria, and the only real issue is making the decision to narrow it down to just one!



I won’t reveal my final choice, as that would no doubt ruin the surprise, but I was over the moon with the venue and it definitely isn’t somewhere that I would ever have thought of ordinarily.

I’m so looking forward to the baby shower now, and most of all to see the look of surprise on my friends (and I use that term loosely, oh ye of little faith!!) faces when they realise that contrary to popular belief, I can be organised!!




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  1. January 19, 2017 / 2:26 pm

    Oh have fun with your friend’s baby shower! I’m sure you’ll forget all of the organisation stress when you see how happy she is. That’s great to know about VenueFinder as I organise events for mamas and bloggers in London. So a really handy blog post for me. Enjoy the baby shower x #coolmumclub

    • Laura Dove
      January 19, 2017 / 5:29 pm

      Oh it’s the perfect app for you then!! I would love to be super organised, I admire anyone who is! xx

  2. January 19, 2017 / 4:19 pm

    My life sounds exactly like yours how I get anything done and anywhere on time I don’t know. What a great idea for a site, we could use this planning work functions will definitely be checking it out.

    • Laura Dove
      January 19, 2017 / 5:29 pm

      I’ll definitely be using it again for future events. Will just see how this one goes first…!! xx

  3. January 19, 2017 / 4:41 pm

    Ha ha I love this Laura and I’m sure you will put on a fantastic baby shower for your friend. This looks like a dream of an app, finding a venue is always the most stressful part and they take care of it all. Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove X

    • Laura Dove
      January 19, 2017 / 5:28 pm

      I love a good app, I just need an app to organise the children in the mornings and clean my house!! Thanks for hosting. xxx

  4. Jo
    January 19, 2017 / 5:45 pm

    I’ve used Venue Finder too when I was trying to find a wedding reception venue for me and my husband. It’s a great site. You’ll have to update us on how the baby shower goes!

    • Laura Dove
      January 20, 2017 / 12:05 pm

      I will do Jo, I’m hoping it’s a success! It’s a fab site! xx

  5. January 19, 2017 / 8:54 pm

    Sounds a v handy app! This post immediately took me back to the baby shower I organised for my sister in law at a local restaurant. I arrived 15 minutes early to pop up balloons etc and the restaurant was closed up – dark and not a soul in sight! Had to stick a note on the door, walk over the road to a pub and ring in for subway platters to be delivered! I could have done with venuefinder then lol.
    Hope your babyshower is more successful 😉 I’m sure it’ll be fab xx
    Thanks for linking up with #coolmumclub Laura!

    • Laura Dove
      January 20, 2017 / 12:03 pm

      Oh no!!! That sounds like something that would happen to me!! Thank god for subway! I’m sure it will all be fine, what could possibly go wrong with me in charge?? xx

  6. January 20, 2017 / 11:35 am

    I’ve never heard of Venuefinder before. I’ll recommend to my friend, who is trying to organize her 30th birthday, but still can’t fnd the right place. Thanks for the review:)

    • Laura Dove
      January 20, 2017 / 12:01 pm

      It definitely takes the stress out of planning! xx

  7. Katy - Hot Pink Wellingtons
    January 20, 2017 / 1:04 pm

    Well done on your new found organisation skills! I love arranging events, I used to do it for work and I like nothing better than planning everything out to the nth degree! Venue is such a key element of any event and this sound like a great app. I hope it all goes really well and your friend loves it!

    • Laura Dove
      January 20, 2017 / 6:13 pm

      Thanks Katy, I hope so too. Fingers crossed! xxx

  8. January 20, 2017 / 1:42 pm

    What a great app! I’d love to be organise one day! Haha This is so very exciting for you. Good luck with the baby shower I am sure you will be magnificent! Have fun!

    Thank you so much for linking up with us on #FabFridayPost

    • Laura Dove
      January 20, 2017 / 6:12 pm

      Thank you Su, I really hope it goes to plan! xxx

  9. January 20, 2017 / 2:31 pm

    What a great idea, I always find getting the venues right the hardest part

    • Laura Dove
      January 20, 2017 / 6:12 pm

      Me too! I just hope I’ve made the right choice! xx

  10. January 20, 2017 / 3:30 pm

    Ooo what a fantastic idea to have a website where u can search for them all together rather than having to do individual searches.

    • Laura Dove
      January 20, 2017 / 6:11 pm

      Yes so much easier! Really takes the stress out of it all! xx

  11. January 20, 2017 / 4:16 pm

    Ooooh sounds like a very useful mum app!! 😀 Hope everything goes well with the baby shower and you all have a fabulous time xx #coolmumclub

    • Laura Dove
      January 20, 2017 / 6:10 pm

      Thank you, anything that makes life easier is a hit with me! xx

  12. January 20, 2017 / 9:11 pm

    We could have done with this for finding my daddy’s 40th birthday venue – it looks proper easy to use too! #sharingthebloglove

    • Laura Dove
      January 21, 2017 / 5:38 pm

      It’s so easy, I love any app that can make my life easier! xx

    • Laura Dove
      January 22, 2017 / 11:05 am

      Thank you, I’m going to need it! xx

  13. January 21, 2017 / 8:04 pm

    I couldn’t even imagine planning such a big party – well done for tackling it! I don’t have any plans to organise a big event any time soon (good thing, because I’m SO disorganised), but this app would come in handy if I find suddenly have to put myself in planning mode. #stayclassymama

    • Laura Dove
      January 22, 2017 / 11:04 am

      I had no idea there would be so many, I was thinking ten, maybe fifteen max, afternoon tea and a few games….!! Wish me luck! xx

  14. January 22, 2017 / 12:24 am

    That is a lot of people for a baby shower! Venue finder sounds awesome. Thanks for linking up to #ThatFridayLinky

    • Laura Dove
      January 22, 2017 / 11:00 am

      I know!! I don’t think I would even have fifty people that I could invite!! xx

  15. January 22, 2017 / 1:06 am

    What a cool App! I wish I had this over the years as I planned baby showers, bridal showers, etc. Hope the baby shower goes well! #kcacols

    • Laura Dove
      January 22, 2017 / 10:59 am

      Oh yes it would have been way easier with an app like this! I’ll be using it again definitely! xx

  16. January 22, 2017 / 7:23 am

    Sounds handy. What you need now is an app to help you find those lost shoes! 😉

    • Laura Dove
      January 22, 2017 / 10:59 am

      Haha yes, I need an app to help me do just about everything!! xx

  17. January 22, 2017 / 8:27 am

    Wow that’s quite an undertaking – I hope it goes well!! #KCACOLS

    • Laura Dove
      January 22, 2017 / 10:58 am

      Haha I know, I’ve been lying awake at night worrying about it! I need all the luck in the world! xx

  18. Nige
    January 22, 2017 / 10:12 am

    This looks a fab app not sure I could do the organising hope it all works out well Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

    • Laura Dove
      January 22, 2017 / 10:57 am

      Haha I’m not sure I can either, I’m hoping that I somehow manage to wing it! xx

  19. January 22, 2017 / 3:37 pm

    The app looks great! Something that will definitely come in useful! Thanks x

    • Laura Dove
      January 23, 2017 / 9:31 am

      I hope it helps you out! xx

  20. January 22, 2017 / 7:39 pm

    This couldn’t have come at a better time. I am currently planing a hen party and although I have some of it sorted I am missing a venue for part of it! I will check this out.
    Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday.

    • Laura Dove
      January 23, 2017 / 9:30 am

      Oh that’s fab! I hope that it helps your planning! xx

  21. January 22, 2017 / 9:21 pm

    Ooh interesting – I have a special birthday to plan this year and we were only talking about something like this being available – good timing I say! Your baby shower will be fab #kcacols

    • Laura Dove
      January 23, 2017 / 9:30 am

      Ooh that’s great timing! Good luck! xx

  22. January 25, 2017 / 8:13 pm

    What a great website. It sounds perfect for planning any kind of gathering. Good luck with the baby shower, I know you’ll pull it off

    • Laura Dove
      January 26, 2017 / 11:08 am

      Thank you, I really hope so! xx

  23. January 25, 2017 / 8:39 pm

    oooh have fun, i love baby showers and its one of the traditions from the US that i love, everyone should make mothers feel special before the little one arrives 🙂

    • Laura Dove
      January 26, 2017 / 11:07 am

      I never had a baby shower, I was far too scared to tempt fate, but I love going to baby showers – more so because of the cake! xx

  24. January 29, 2017 / 11:24 am

    Sounds really useful – something to keep in mind in the future but then, in my rural area I already know all the venues! #kcacols

    • Laura Dove
      January 29, 2017 / 8:59 pm

      Ahh yes that sounds like a bonus of living in a small town! xx

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