Around the world with Peeka Puffs!

When we were asked to review the children’s toy, Peeka Puffs, my girls were very excited. Having seen them advertised on the television they had both asked for one for Christmas and so when they arrived, it really was as though Christmas had come early!


Peeka Puffs are the fuzzy cuddly toy which can’t stop popping. Pop your Peeka Puff to reveal its smiling hidden face from within its fur, and then pop it again to hide it away. Peeka Puffs come with a comb and detachable hair clip so you can style your Peeka Puff however you like and with three to collect the fun never stops.


As a child of the eighties, they remind me a little of Popples (who remembers those?), the idea of popping them open and closed to reveal their happy little faces. They also make a lovely popping sound, caused by the rubber disc inside which folds in on itself and then pops back open. And with two little girls who love anything pink, fluffy and cute…Peeka Puffs meet all of their criteria!

Having read that Peeka Puffs are the perfect companion for any adventure, but with not enough hours in the day, as I tucked Megan into bed that night, still cuddling her Peeka Puff and with Oscar at her feet, I whispered, “Have some exciting adventures!”, and out I crept.






The following morning when she came downstairs, a huge smile on herself with Oscar tailing behind, I asked her, “Did you have a good nights sleep?”

“Yes I did Mummy,” she told me, and as she looked down at her Peeka Puff, I’m sure I saw it wink.



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