A magic ring and pink plastic hair straighteners

This morning Eva had a little Halloween party at pre-school and was very excited about wearing her witch costume! She really threw herself into the role of wicked witch, casting evil spells with her “magic ring” (which was actually one of those crappy plastic rings off a Greggs fairy cake) and turning Grandad into a frog. “I’m a wicked witch! Hocus Pocus now you’re a frog!” she shouted.

And, as my Dad hopped around the kitchen, doing the worst frog impression of all time, my poor Meggy was absolutely distraught, “But I don’t want Grandad to be a frog!!” she sobbed, real tears pouring down her face and her shoulders shaking with such distress, “I want Grandad to just be a Grandad!”.

“I’m not a real witch Meggy!” Eva told her, “I’m your sister!!”. And as she gave her a big hug and a kiss I heard her whisper, “Here, have some hair straighteners, that will cheer you up!”….

How I love these girls, my funny little Meggy and her big sister who would do just about anything to make her happy.




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