Snapshots of our life

Anyone who knows me will tell you, I love taking photos. It’s something I’ve always done, even before I had the children, guaranteed to be stood at the front snapping away at a wedding, up at the altar at a christening or blinding my friends with the flash on a night out. I love the idea of capturing a moment in time, to freeze all of those emotions and memories, so that one day I can look back and re-visit a particular moment in time.

As a child I can still remember getting my first camera, a Supa Snaps Flicker, and how I had impatiently waited for it to arrive in the post after saving up the coupons for months to qualify for the free offer. I remember wearing it around my neck and thinking I was so cool, taking photos of my Barbies or the back of my Dads head, and how it felt like an age every time my Mum sent off the film to be processed in one of those envelopes you picked up at the checkout in Morrisons. And how, two weeks later, after paying out a small fortune, I would pounce on my photos when they fell through the door, pretending not to care that the only thing remotely in focus was my finger across the lens.


After countless “compact” cameras, and by compact I mean the size of a brick, it was a memorable day when I purchased my first digital camera. Being able to bring the photo up on a screen considerably improved my photography skills and by the time that Lewis was born there wasn’t a finger over the lens in sight! Initially I would have all of my photos printed out, spending hours lovingly sticking them into photo albums that we would place in a cupboard and bring out every now and then when we were feeling particularly nostalgic.


I tried so many digital cameras over the years, each one slightly better than the rest, but with the introduction of camera phones it was a whole new revelation. Even more so, the idea of taking a photo and instantly being able to upload it onto social media? Genius!! Obviously it wasn’t always a good thing given the fact that your friends could whip out their phones on a drunken night out, catch you throwing up in a gutter or even worse, snogging an absolute munter, and make you a laughing stock for the whole of Facebook before you’d had chance to sleep off your hangover. But as far as sharing photos of Lewis went, I unashamedly littered my news feeds with his gorgeous little face and proudly accepted my title of Biggest Baby Bore!!


By the time I’d had the youngest three, the only camera I ever used was on my phone. And unlike the days when I filled album after album of photos, they simply sat there in my icloud, the odd one or two printed out to frame in our home, and I think in that way, I really started to miss taking photos, to actually hold a camera in my hand and create the perfect shot. And that’s not to say that we didn’t get some amazing photos, because we’ve had some absolute crackers over the year, but no matter how candid the shot or how perfectly a photo captures a moment, it’s always going to lack that professional finish that I have only ever achieved with the “big camera”.


So it was a real find when I was sent the Mpow 3 in 1 clip-on lens which suddenly took my camera phone to a whole new level. As the name suggests, the three in one lens allows you to take a wide hemispherical image with the fish eye lens, extreme close ups with the macro lens, and a substantially larger image circle with the wide angle lens. And I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to take photos, with my phone that give me something a little different, offering something more to my photos, and the compliments I’ve received on my photos ever since speak volumes.

Yesterday during a walk in the park, having slipped the lens into my pocket, I was able to easily clip it onto my phone to take some beautiful, autumnal shots.


Taken with macro lens


Taken with macro lens


Taken with the fish eye lens

My favourite lens is the wide angle, making it look as though my children are running free when in truth, they were never more than a couple of feet away from me at any one time. As a Mum, that’s a huge bonus, far too often I see something that would make an amazing shot but am worried about backing up too far for fear if I do, one of them will do a runner or fall backwards into a ditch!


Taken with wide angle lens


Taken with wide angle lens


Taken with wide angle lens


Taken with wide angle lens

The Mpow 3 in 1 clip-on lens is compatible with most mobile phones and is available to buy from Amazon, currently on offer at £7.99

It feels like my camera phone has taken on a whole new lease of life, and these days, the only finger across my lens is this one.


Taken with macro lens


Twin Mummy and Daddy

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