Back to school with Deichmann shoes

When it comes to school shoes it is so important to find the right pair, even more so given our children spend over six hours day in those shoes. I’ve always made sure that I bought my children good quality, hard wearing, supportive school shoes, and yet with four children to buy for, I also don’t want to be taking out a small loan to cover this expense!! Thanks to Deichmann I can be assured that I am buying my children well made and long lasting shoes, with styles to make then happy and prices to make me happy!

This year Deichmann have excelled themselves with an amazing collection of school shoes ranging from infants right through to teens. With features such as microfresh technology, memory foam comfort, and scuff resistant leather, they offer excellent quality across a huge range of popular brands.

When we were offered a pair of school shoes for each of the youngest three children, they were so excited to make their choices. By some coincidence all three chose a pair from the Hush Puppies collection and we couldn’t wait to try them!

Both girls chose the Hush Puppies Flower Trim Bar shoes, priced at just £34.99 which I think, for a pair of quality school shoes, is the lowest price I have paid in years.

Crafted from real leather the shoes simply slip on with a single bar design and a hook and loop fastening, perfect for little ones who may struggle with buckles and laces. As a parent I am always keen to encourage the children to choose this style of shoe – it certainly makes getting out of the door each morning way easier!!

I love the subtle flower detail on the side of the shoe, and of course the girls did too! I think it’s so important that children are allowed to express themselves in these small ways, whilst still conforming to school uniform standards. “They are so pretty!” Megan exclaimed, and it was lovely to see how happy that small detail had made her.

With microfresh technology I can be rest assured that the shoes will stay fresh throughout the year. “No more stinky shoes!” Eva giggled, which made us all laugh.

The outer soles are lightweight yet sturdy, and have a fantastic grip which is so important for all weathers. My girls are particularly accident prone so a good grip is something we really look for in a shoe whilst still being lightweight and slim line.

This particular style of shoe is available in sizes 10 to 2, covering a large age range – perfect if like me you like a bit of sibling twinning!!

With Harry starting school this time it was so exciting for him to choose his first pair of school shoes this time too, and he agonised over all of the many styles on the website before finally settling on the Hush Puppies triple strap school shoes.

These smart and durable school shoes are crafted from real leather, are lovely and soft and look, and feel, as though they will really last – even when worn by a very rough and tumble child such as Harry!!

With a triple rip tag fastening, you can adjust the straps to really get the perfect fit to ensure the foot is fully supported at all times.

They also have a really chunky sole with a deep tread, perfect for running around the playground at lunch. Available in sizes 10 -2, I think they are so reasonable at £34.99 and I really do believe that they will last throughout the whole school year.

With micro-fresh technology in Harry’s pair too, his feet will stay as fresh as possible throughout the day too!

But the real test came with trying them on, and of course the children insisted on trying on their entire uniform to really get a feel as to how lovely their brand new shoes would look come September!!

“Ooh they feel so nice!” said Eva, which surprised me as she usually complains about new shoes. “Can I keep them on?”

As happy as the children were with their new shoes, as a parent, so was I. Despite the shoes coming as a standard width, they fitted perfectly across their feet, neither too loose not too tight, and I felt happy that their feet were fully supported.

I think it’s a great idea having a triple fastening on the style Harry chose, meaning he can tighten up each of the straps individually to make sure his feet feel as comfortable as possible.

You can check out the entire back to school range over at the Deichamann website and take advantage of their buy one get one half price offer on certain styles. We are so impressed with Deichmann and the back to school range for this year. I will definitely be considering them again for next year, and recommending them to other Mummy friends who are facing the daunting task of buying school shoes for their little ones!


** This is a collaborative post with Deichmann. All words and opinions are my own. **



  1. August 19, 2018 / 2:26 pm

    We were in Deichmann the other day and I was really impressed with their choice and prices. They had a leather pair for my son (adult size 11) for just £35, which I thought was great. Lovely picks you had for your kids and I bet they’ll last. Mich x

  2. Simone
    August 23, 2018 / 1:37 am

    Hi Laura
    I’ve followed your journey since the Babyworld days and
    I always enjoy reading your posts.
    I have my own Joseph, and knowing what you went through makes me hold him just that little bit tighter – there but for the grace of God, we might have lost him when he was born, but thankfully he arrived safely.  I always look forward to reading the latest installment of your family life, seeing the photos of your beautiful kids.
    I generally always read your reviews, not always in detail, but sometimes they’ll prompt me to look further into the products, even to buy them on two occasions.
    With my son also due to start school in September, i was interested to see your review about school shoes, however I have to confess that I felt a little let down when i read your review of Deichmann shoes only to realise that it was virtually identical to your review a few weeks earlier of Start Rite shoes – the great photos were the same, except for the shoes obviously, and the text was so similar that it felt like you’d plagiarised yourself.
    What really disappointed me was that, having left a tongue in cheek comment about having a feeling of deja vu, I now see that my comment has been deleted.
    Just so you know, I ummed and ahhed about writing this comment, I’m not a troll, indeed i’ve told friends about your blog, telling them that that it’s worth following, but as a genuine follower of your blog surely I should be able to leave a less-than-positive response to something you’ve written?
    Don’t worry if you feel the need to delete this comment too, I just wanted to say what I thought.

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