Get your car in ship shape for the festive season! 

As we head into the festive season many of us are preparing for a road trip with friends or family, in our haste and excitement, we often forget to make sure that the vehicle we will be travelling in is properly prepared for the journey. Taking the time to check your vehicle will ensure a pleasant, safe and surprise-free journey. Let’s take a look at a few simple checks that should be made before embarking on Christmas holiday journeys. 

The below checks can be done at home and should only take a few minutes to do: 

  • Tyre Condition: Tyres are one of the most important checks, it is important to make sure that the remaining tread is sufficient to ensure good grip in wet and slippery winter conditions. The legal limit for tyre tread in the UK is 1.6 mm, as a rule of thumb, you can use a match to check if you have enough tread left, if the match head is visible when you stick the match into the tyre tread, your tyres are due for replacement. 
  • Regular Vehicle Servicing: Keeping your vehicle in tip-top shape begins with regular servicing. Make sure that your car is checked at least once a year by a qualified workshop to keep it running safely and efficiently. You can find more information regarding the service schedule for your car in it’s service booklet. 
  • Air Conditioning: Contrary to popular belief, air-conditioning is not just for summer use. Making sure that your vehicles ventilation system is functioning properly will help it to demist the windows effectively on cold winter days. 

It is also very important to make sure that your vehicle is licensed and has passed its yearly MOT test. In the United Kingdom vehicles older than three years are required to pass an annual MOT test, driving your vehicle without a renewed MOT certificate is not only illegal but may also be unsafe. The VOSA MOT test is designed to test various aspects of your car including items like braking systems, wipers, tyres and exhaust systems. Getting your MOT test done will ensure that you are operating your vehicle safely and protects you, your passengers and fellow road users from accidents caused by driving vehicles that are not roadworthy. 

Calmac Tyres in Northampton can assist you with all your MOT needs and help you to get your car serviced and ready for the holidays. Their fast and efficient VOSA MOT approved testing station is ready to do your vehicle’s annual MOT test and perform any repairs that may be necessary for MOT certification. You can book your MOT test on their website  


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