How The Internet Is Creating Freedom for Mom’s Around The World

Freedom is an interesting topic that’s talked about a lot, today, yet when we break down what freedom is – we all tend to have a different idea of what it looks like, yet the feeling of freedom is a universal feeling that we all desire.  

The sense of freedom this article talks about is living your life on your own terms, in the sense that you are not subject to someone else pulling the strings – such as a boss at work.

The opportunity to have more freedom in life has never been so great, particularly as a mom.  Gone are the days when “stay at home” moms were limited in their earning ability.

Today, thanks to the internet, we are able to work remotely from anywhere in the world – and not only work, in terms of making money, but study too – for instance, you could even study intense courses like Kettering Online’s Lean Manufacturing program from the comfort of your home, via your computer.

The reason this is such good news for mom’s is that once upon a time, things were so limited and restricted – in the sense that you would have to make a choice, either be a mom that spent lots of time with your children but was limited in terms of career, business and academic potential… due to the fact you couldn’t physically attend work or university — or be a “working mom” that meant being pulled away from your children, which no mom wants.

Today, the idea of a “career mom” is more akin to having a profit producing blog, or Etsy store, than it is about a corporate office – indeed, the internet has created a revolution of empowered moms that are able to balance their responsibility and passion as a parent with the ability to make money.

This is particularly powerful for single moms who are having to manage a lot of different aspects, often balancing their busy life in a way that feels like a plate spinner that has multiple plates precariously balanced on a variety of sticks.

The “employee” lifestyle is not one many people relish… particularly mothers with young children, as it can feel like a tug of war between family life and a corporate career.  The frustration of congested commutes, and getting home after your children have been tucked up in bed (by someone else) can be a very upsetting prospect, which is why so many moms are harnessing the power of the internet to generate more income whilst still having the time freedom, or at least flexibility, to be a great parent.

Of course, there is an inherent risk with starting a side hustle from home, yet in the most part you can manage that risk by ensuring you are only spending money when you are receiving money – for instance, if you have an Etsy store selling creative items, it makes sense to only make the item when someone purchases it… this way you don’t have to shed out loads of money in inventory or stock.

In summary, the internet is creating freedom for moms around the world to make a decent income whilst maintaining the flexibility and time freedom required to be a good parent… particularly if you are a keen homeschooler.

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