Off on our jollies!!

After the disaster of our Summer holiday we decided, thanks to my lovely parents, that an Autumn break at Centerparcs was just what we needed!!

Tomorrow morning the five of us (Gaz is working until Wednesday, boooo!!) and my parents are off to Whinfell forest for a week of quad biking, paint balling, Segways, Aqua jets, aerial adventures and a whole host of other activities, none of which sound remotely restful!!

We are so excited, Lewis is packed and ready to go, Eva has asked every two minutes for the past four weeks “Is it time for holiday now?”, Harry, admittedly, remains oblivious, and Megan…I’m sure I don’t even need to tell you, is as happy as ever!!

Looking forward to spending a week with my little doves, enjoying time together, making memories to treasure and as always, taking lots of photos!! See you on the other side!!!



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