Behind the Scenes with Bakers #ad

The thing that I love most about blogging is that no two days are ever the same – one day you might be glued to the laptop writing a post about weaning essentials and the next on a train to London with your dog in tow. And I know what you’re thinking, especially those who have actually met my dog, you’d have to be crazy to make a trip, on public transport, with Barky McBarkyson, but when Bakers asked us to attend their event to see what goes on behind the scenes, I didn’t even hesitate to say yes.

And so last week, at the crack of dawn, Oscar and I found ourselves on the train to London and it turns out that he was just as excited as I was! He sat perched on my knee the whole way there, his little nose to the window just watching the world go by, and a few hours later we had arrived at the venue and couldn’t wait to learn more about one of our favourite brands.

For those who aren’t familiar with it, Bakers is a nutritious, high quality dog food, containing all five major nutrient groups: proteins, fats and oils, minerals, vitamins and carbohydrates to help keep dogs in good condition. They include the right levels of over 30 essential nutrients in a form that dogs can easily absorb and use.

Made by Purina, the recipe has been created by a team of more than 500 vets, pet nutritionists and scientists to ensure it contains the right balance of nutrients dogs need to be healthy. Plus all the ingredients found in Bakers undergo a series of checks before they are used to ensure they are of the right quality and safe to use. In short, for those who want to be sure that they are giving their dog everything they need to contribute to good health and development, Bakers covers all bases.

I found it interesting to learn that Bakers contains 21% protein which is more than the average found in other pet food products. It also contains 30% meat and animal derivatives, selected for their nutritional value and taste, and 50-54% wholegrains which are an excellent source of energy, and help to keep a dog’s bowel healthy. Bakers has recently changed their range so that it now contains no artificial colours and they only use colours which occur naturally and are derived from plant and mineral sources.

I’ll be honest with you, Oscar has tried, and enjoyed, countless different brands and recipes over the last seven years and I think, like many people, I have always wondered what makes one brand of dog food preferable over another? In terms of Bakers, given that it is made by Purina, it is backed by their nutritional expertise and rigorous testing.

Bakers can claim that it is 100% complete and nutritionally balanced, which means that it is the only food you need to feed your dog, so you can feel reassured that by feeding your dog Bakers, you’re providing them with everything they need to stay healthy and happy. I think given the fact that 32 million packs of Bakers are sold each year, more than one every second, that in itself speaks volumes about the brand.

We were very lucky to get to speak to Purina’s in-house vet at the event and her extensive knowledge and advice was evident. She really took the time to discuss any personal concerns we had over our dog’s health and diet, and her advice actually led me to visit our own vet the following day to discuss some of those concerns.

 Our day ended with a really fun session “Dog Film School” led by Sandra Strong who has trained many famous dogs for the TV and film industry. She talked us through the training process when working with dogs and specifically using a clicker, something we haven’t tried before.

At seven I thought Oscar was too old to learn new tricks and yet after just a couple of minutes he was performing tricks we had never even attempted before! 

I learned so much during this session and since we returned home we have been using Sandra’s techniques to continue working with Oscar on these tricks. It was also great to meet Pippin, the star of the Bakers adverts, and see him perform some tricks of his own! 

It was lovely to have time to chat to other bloggers and meet their dogs too. We had such a mix of breeds between us and yet we all had one thing in common, we all want the very best for our dogs. I think we all came away feeling very positive about the Bakers brand and I know that as a result, it will be my first choice of food for Oscar.

Oscar and I had the best day together at this event and I love that I got to share a little of my blogging life with him in that way. Given that he loves to bark at anything that moves, I could not have been prouder of him when he spent the entire day on his best behaviour and didn’t bark even once! I had so many comments about what a chilled out dog he was, if only they knew!!

Bakers are offering FIVE lucky winners the chance to win one month’s supply of Bakers products, tailored to your dogs needs. To enter simply follow the link below. Competition closes on March 31st. Good Luck!

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Competition Terms & Conditions:
This competition is open to entrants in the UK and over the age of 18 only and not open to anyone associated with the production company, their families or anyone else associated with this competition. 
All information detailing how to enter this competition forms part of these terms and conditions.
All entries must be received by 31st March 
Five entrants shall receive one month’s supply of BAKERS® products, tailored to your dog’s needs*, subject to availability.
All prizes are non-transferable and there are no cash alternatives.
Events may occur that render the competition itself or the awarding of the prizes impossible due to reasons beyond the control of the Promoter, and accordingly the Promoter may at their absolute discretion vary or amend the promotion and the entrant agrees that no liability shall attach to the Promoter as a result thereof.
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The winner will be chosen using a random number generator built into Rafflecopter widget and will be contacted on the email address within 48hrs of the competition closing. If the winner does not respond within 28 days a new winner will be drawn. 
*Product supplied will vary depending on the size, age and breed of dog. 



  1. February 20, 2018 / 11:18 pm

    I don’t have a dog but I’d love one. This day sounds like such a fun day for both you and Oscar. If I ever get a dog this would be perfect!

    • Laura Dove
      February 21, 2018 / 8:52 pm

      We had a great trip Kira, he was a dream! xx

  2. February 20, 2018 / 11:38 pm

    I think Purina has really stepped up their quality of products. While I feed the cheetah with IAMS and Hill’s Science Diet,I have found that he enjoys Meow Mix wet food quite a bit.

    • Laura Dove
      February 21, 2018 / 8:50 pm

      Ahh Patrick, and here’s me thinking the cheetah is out hunting in the back garden!! He sounds far less scary when he’s chomping on Meow Mix! xx

  3. February 21, 2018 / 4:28 am

    Seems like an eventful day there. Wouldnt mind these nutri packs for my Ashley too. She loves such things. Nice pics BTW!

    • Laura Dove
      February 21, 2018 / 8:42 pm

      Thanks Sreekar! We had a great day! xx

  4. February 21, 2018 / 5:38 am

    Oscar is so cute and I am impressed he didn’t bark. My dog, Maya, is crazy around other dogs. She is super chill at home with me and the kids but man she goes nuts when other dogs are around!

    • Laura Dove
      February 21, 2018 / 8:41 pm

      Ahh thank you. He is SUPER yappy most of the time! The train has a calming effect! xx

  5. Annemarie LeBlanc
    February 21, 2018 / 7:35 am

    Wow. That was an awesome event. My fur baby would have loved to be there. Purina is a good dog/cat food brand and I only get their products for my dog. He just loves the variety!

    • Laura Dove
      February 21, 2018 / 8:27 pm

      That’s great! Our dog loves them and it was great to learn more about the brand. xx

  6. February 21, 2018 / 8:00 am

    What a fun day out. I’d never really thought about dog food and just used to buy cheap dog food back when I had a dog (and was poor, and didn’t want said dogs but thats a whole other story) but then saw that new advert with Jimmy whatshischops which made me think more about what’s in food and giving dogs good nutrition. x

    • Laura Dove
      February 21, 2018 / 8:25 pm

      Yes I was exactly the same. I just assumed it was all the same! I found it so interesting learning more about the nutritional side! xx

  7. February 21, 2018 / 10:00 am

    awwwwww adorableness overload!!! bakers sounds so amazing & Happy national love your pet day

    • Laura Dove
      February 21, 2018 / 8:24 pm

      Ahh thank you! That’s a great day, I had no idea! xx

    • Laura Dove
      February 21, 2018 / 8:07 pm

      Ahh it was so much fun! Oscar LOVED the train, it was genuinely the best day of his life so far, haha! xx

  8. February 21, 2018 / 12:32 pm

    Wow! I never realized there’s so much science in the development of dog food. I am not a pet lover so I am not really concerned of such. Oscar did look like he had such a great time!

    • Laura Dove
      February 21, 2018 / 8:05 pm

      Nor me! I found it really interesting to learn more! xx

  9. February 21, 2018 / 12:42 pm

    Oh Oscar is adorable!!! It looks like you had great fun. Our boy Scrapper loves the Bakers Whirlers. x

    • Laura Dove
      February 21, 2018 / 8:04 pm

      Oh Oscar too! He definitely loves a treat! xx

  10. February 21, 2018 / 12:51 pm

    I mean…an event full of dogs? How could anyone say no?! I don’t have a dog myself, but my boyfriend’s mum has 4 of them that she races in bikejor and canicross events. It means we all still get lots of cuddles with some very big, very fluffy pups!

    • Laura Dove
      February 21, 2018 / 8:04 pm

      It was amazing Rachael, so many dogs, I was in my element!! xx

    • Laura Dove
      February 21, 2018 / 8:02 pm

      Thank you! Ahh we have always had dogs, I can’t imagine not having one! xx

  11. February 21, 2018 / 2:14 pm

    Aww all the dogs are so cute! It’s so good that Bakers offers a lot of nutrition for dogs 🙂

    • Laura Dove
      February 21, 2018 / 7:55 pm

      They were adorable Helen, I wanted to take then all home with me! xx

  12. February 21, 2018 / 2:14 pm

    What an adorable adventure you two went on and love that you got to meet Pippin too! I’m sure the tricks you learnt will be a lovely memory of the day P.S. loving your dungaree dress hun! xx

    • Laura Dove
      February 21, 2018 / 7:55 pm

      Thanks lovely! Pippin was so good, Oscar has a lot to learn yet, haha! xx

  13. February 21, 2018 / 2:22 pm

    Sounds like a fun event and I’m sure Oscar had a great time as well. I love that you found a brand that would give your fur baby the right nutrients while also making his tummy happy from all the goodness!

    • Laura Dove
      February 21, 2018 / 7:51 pm

      We had a great time Karen and Oscar loved meeting all the other dogs too! xx

  14. valmg @ Mom Knows It All
    February 21, 2018 / 2:36 pm

    I haven’t heard of the Bakers Brand before, but am familiar with Purina. Our dog Dobby loves treats and I know he’d enjoy all of those.

    • Laura Dove
      February 21, 2018 / 7:43 pm

      Ahh I think all dog loves treats don’t they? Dobby is such a sweet name! xx

    • Laura Dove
      February 21, 2018 / 7:41 pm

      They are a huge name in dog food Joanna, our dog loves their food! xx

  15. February 21, 2018 / 4:05 pm

    OMG your dog is super duper cute, so great that the Bakers offer products which are healthy and nutritious for dogs. I enjoyed seeing the photos as well.

    • Laura Dove
      February 21, 2018 / 7:33 pm

      Ahh thank you so much, he had a great day! xx

  16. February 21, 2018 / 5:36 pm

    This would be a fun event to attend. Oscar is adorable! I only have kitties, but they do love to eat. Bakers seems like a wonderful company.

    • Laura Dove
      February 21, 2018 / 7:30 pm

      Thank you, we had a great time and learned a lot too! xx

  17. February 21, 2018 / 6:00 pm

    Oscar is just gorgeous! What a fun day you both had!

    • Laura Dove
      February 21, 2018 / 7:24 pm

      Thank you Rachel! xx

  18. Komal
    February 21, 2018 / 6:02 pm

    I would love to travel with my fur baby! I make my pups alotmof home made treats ao I know they are natural, plus he loves them!

    • Laura Dove
      February 21, 2018 / 7:24 pm

      Ahh that’s lovely! Our dogs deserve spoiling don’t they? xx

  19. February 21, 2018 / 6:04 pm

    What a fun day for you two and a great adventure!! I miss my furbaby that we had for 12 years and hope we will have one again soon

    • Laura Dove
      February 21, 2018 / 7:24 pm

      Ahh you can’t beat a dog can you? I’ve had them all my life, I can’t imagine not having someone like this to snuggle! xx

  20. February 21, 2018 / 6:36 pm

    How fun to spend a day at an event with your dog. I love everything about this post. And Oscar is adorable.

    • Laura Dove
      February 21, 2018 / 7:22 pm

      Thank you Lisa, he had such a great day and even learned some new tricks! xx

  21. February 21, 2018 / 7:25 pm

    This sounds like such a fab day. I would love a dog and after reading this I want one all the more!

  22. February 21, 2018 / 7:56 pm

    I am glad you had a great day. Our two dogs don’t like bakers dog food as it’s a tad rich for them. Oscar looks adorable. I am sure our two cheeky monkey’s would make a fuss of him.

    Thanks for Sharing.

    John M

  23. February 21, 2018 / 8:03 pm

    How cute! We give our dogs Purina too, only the Puppy Chow version tho. Looks like such a fun event to attend with the dogs!

    • Laura Dove
      February 21, 2018 / 9:10 pm

      Oh I haven’t heard of that one Nikky. I feel really positive about Purina after this event! xx

  24. February 21, 2018 / 8:23 pm

    oh my days – Oscar is a beaut! Sounds like it was a fun event, see some other bloggers I recognise in the pictures too

  25. February 21, 2018 / 8:57 pm

    Ah look at you two! I did clicker training with our dog and its amazing what they can learn. This makes me want another dog, I miss the company they give x

  26. February 21, 2018 / 9:20 pm

    This sounds like such a great day! I’m glad he showed off his best behaviour for you. Out of all of the brands out there for dogs, Bakers is definitely one of the top!

    • Laura Dove
      February 22, 2018 / 8:28 pm

      I agree, it was great to learn more about the brand too! xx

  27. February 21, 2018 / 9:34 pm

    Awww your dog is so adorable and it sounds like you both had a wonderful time! We will keep it in mind as we are planning on getting a dog soon!

    • Laura Dove
      February 22, 2018 / 8:28 pm

      Ooh how exciting! I definitely recommend it! xx

  28. February 21, 2018 / 10:18 pm

    Oscar is a cutie. Looks like you had just as much fun as he did at this event and he’s smiling in that last pic. Just too cute. Haven’t seen Baker’s treats at our pet store but I bet our doggy would love them.

    • Laura Dove
      February 22, 2018 / 8:24 pm

      He did look like he was smiling didn’t he! Thank you! xx

  29. February 21, 2018 / 10:20 pm

    Oh wow – it looks like a fab event and you and your Oscar looks like you had a lot of fun! A great way to share about the brand!

    • Laura Dove
      February 22, 2018 / 8:24 pm

      Thanks Michelle. It was really interesting to learn more about Bakers! xx

  30. February 21, 2018 / 10:47 pm

    this sounds like a really fun event, how cool that Oscar got to attend and go on a train! Love clicker training, done it with all of our dogs.

    • Laura Dove
      February 22, 2018 / 8:22 pm

      We never did it with him as a puppy and I assumed we had left it too late! He picked it up SO fast! xx

  31. February 21, 2018 / 11:24 pm

    A absolutely love dogs. My kids and I want one but my son is allergic to the hair. We’ll get one when the kids move out.

    • Laura Dove
      February 22, 2018 / 8:20 pm

      Ahh Oscar is an anti-allergenic breed! He is a cavapoochon (a mix of king Charles spaniel, poodle and Bichon frise) and although I am allergic to dogs, Im not Oscar! xx

  32. February 21, 2018 / 11:58 pm

    Your dog is so cute. We don’t have a pet but my daughters want one. We might surprise them with a puppy one day soon.

    • Laura Dove
      February 22, 2018 / 8:17 pm

      Thank you! Oh how exciting, dogs really are the best! xx

  33. February 22, 2018 / 12:03 am

    I love events like this! It’s nice to get to know more about the brands that we buy for our dogs and it’s also nice to treat our dogs to a day that’s fun filled and also full of snacks! I’m sure you both had a great time!

    • Laura Dove
      February 22, 2018 / 8:16 pm

      I agree. I think as dog owners we just assume our dogs are getting the right balance. It was really reassuring to hear from the nutritionalists and know my dog is getting everything he needs. xx

  34. Pam
    February 22, 2018 / 12:40 am

    Oscar is such a cutie. How fun that you got to teach an old dog new tricks, quite literally.

    • Laura Dove
      February 22, 2018 / 8:16 pm

      Thank you! Yes I was amazed how fast he picked it up too! xx

  35. February 22, 2018 / 1:21 am

    Seems an amazing time you both has at Baker’s event. Good to know about these brands who offer nutritionally balanced food for pets. Photos are wonderful, reflecting Blogging is awesome:)

    • Laura Dove
      February 22, 2018 / 8:15 pm

      Thanks Jhilmil, we had such a great day! xx

  36. February 22, 2018 / 1:41 am

    Ah how fun! I bet she loved all the attention and all the treats! I’m surprised at how little protein is found in a lot of dog foods. I really had no idea.

    • Laura Dove
      February 22, 2018 / 8:14 pm

      Yes I was surprised by that too Heather, but also that actually a dog really doesn’t need as much as we think! xx

  37. February 22, 2018 / 1:49 am

    OMG! Cuteness overload 🙂
    I didn’t know about Bakers – it’s awesome to have these kind of units that take care of overall nutrition for pets.

    • Laura Dove
      February 22, 2018 / 8:14 pm

      Hehe thank you. yes I agree, it’s reassuring as a pet owner! xx

  38. February 22, 2018 / 2:13 am

    Oscar is adorable! It must have been a fun and tasty adventure for him! What a fun event to make new connections.

    • Laura Dove
      February 22, 2018 / 8:14 pm

      Thank you! yes it was lovely to meet other dogs and bloggers, and learn more about the brand! xx

  39. February 22, 2018 / 3:23 am

    It sounds like you guys had so much fun! What a cool event. Your dog is adorable and it must have been neat to meet doggie celebs and get to experience this opportunity.

    • Laura Dove
      February 22, 2018 / 8:11 pm

      So much fun! Oscar was incredibly star struck, hehe! xx

  40. February 22, 2018 / 4:10 am

    That looks like it was a ton of fun! I love hanging out at events like this with my doggies.

    • Laura Dove
      February 22, 2018 / 8:11 pm

      Oh me too Sara, it was a fun day! xx

  41. February 22, 2018 / 4:11 am

    My pup would have loved to go there. Purina is also my choice food.

    • Laura Dove
      February 22, 2018 / 8:09 pm

      Great choice! It was a fab event! xx

  42. Our Family World
    February 22, 2018 / 6:22 am

    I would’ve taken my dog there if it was only closer to where I live. We only buy Purina products for our dog and cats. They love the flavors and I can see how happy and healthy they have become.

    • Laura Dove
      February 22, 2018 / 8:03 pm

      It’s great to see your dog happy and healthy, I feel so reassured that Oscar is getting everything he needs having spoken with the vets and the nutritionalist at the event. xx

  43. My Teen Guide
    February 22, 2018 / 6:37 am

    Your dog Oscar is so cute! He really knows how to ham it up for the camera! Our dog, Bite, is not at all what his name implies. He does not bite. The only things he bites are his dental chews. Bakers look like a great line of dog food and treats. I am going to get some for my fur baby to enjoy.

    • Laura Dove
      February 22, 2018 / 8:01 pm

      Haha I love that name! How cute! I’m sure he will love Bakers! xx

  44. February 22, 2018 / 7:00 am

    What a great day, I love events like this. Blogging really can make life very interesting. It was nice to see you catching up with some other faces I know too

    • Laura Dove
      February 22, 2018 / 7:59 pm

      Thanks Jane! Oscar was absolutely knackered when we got home, I think he was totally overwhelmed! xx

  45. February 22, 2018 / 7:18 am

    This made me miss my Riley. He’s the best part of our home. I think it’s awesome that you and your little Oscar went on a date to an event that’s really all about loving your fur baby! SO cool!

    • Laura Dove
      February 22, 2018 / 7:59 pm

      Ahh dogs really are such a huge part of the family aren’t they? xx

  46. February 22, 2018 / 7:38 am

    Oh, Oscar is soo adorable. We don’t have a dog (you could say I’m not really an animal person). My brother has a Staff Lurcher cross who is really his best friend. I think he feeds him Bakers. 🙂

    • Laura Dove
      February 22, 2018 / 7:55 pm

      Thank you Beth! Bakers is a good choice, it’s definitely Oscars favourite! xx

  47. February 22, 2018 / 7:50 am

    I absolutely LOVE this post! And how adorable are you & Oscar! I’m glad you both had a fabulous day! x

    • Laura Dove
      February 22, 2018 / 7:55 pm

      Thanks lovely, we had the best time! xx

  48. February 22, 2018 / 8:01 am

    OMG, your dog is absolutely the cutest! Sounds like you had a good day.

    • Laura Dove
      February 22, 2018 / 7:54 pm

      Thanks Jenni, we had the best time! xx

  49. February 22, 2018 / 9:48 am

    This looked like great fun Laura – I bet Oscar loved the train journey. You are right no 2 days of blogging are the same.

    • Laura Dove
      February 22, 2018 / 7:54 pm

      He really did Su, he had the best time! xx

  50. February 22, 2018 / 9:55 am

    Ah wow this looks fantastic. My dogs favourite treats are Bakers. Especially the Sizzlers and I always get him the hearts on Valentine’s Day hehe.

    Ami xxx

    • Laura Dove
      February 22, 2018 / 7:54 pm

      Ahh that’s so cute!! xx

    • Laura Dove
      February 22, 2018 / 7:54 pm

      Thank you Lisa! xx

  51. February 22, 2018 / 10:44 am

    Your dog is absolutely adorable and it sounds like such a good event. I don’t have a dog so have no experience of bakers but it sounds like a great nutritional brand x

    • Laura Dove
      February 22, 2018 / 7:41 pm

      Thanks Rhian. We had a really good day and it was so interesting too! xx

  52. February 22, 2018 / 10:48 am

    Oscar is adorable, such a star. Interesting that the clicking technique is something that can still be trained at a later stage, but I guess dog life is all about learning and rewards. My son has just recently become a dog dad, with a boisterous and large puppy, they’re trying to train him at the moment. Hard work.

    • Laura Dove
      February 22, 2018 / 7:40 pm

      Yes I never tried it as he got older as I thought the window for learning had passed! He picked up the clicker in just a couple of minutes! xx

  53. February 22, 2018 / 12:07 pm

    How adorable is your dog! So glad your trip went well!

    • Laura Dove
      February 22, 2018 / 7:33 pm

      Thank you katy! xx

  54. February 22, 2018 / 12:55 pm

    Oh, I love this and how cute is seven year old Oscar. I wish I could take my cat out, but knowing Milo he probably leg it lol!

    • Laura Dove
      February 22, 2018 / 7:33 pm

      Hehe I was a little worried about Oscar but he was so good! xx

  55. February 22, 2018 / 1:10 pm

    It looks like you guys had a great time. Pictures of cute dogs never get old and your dog was on his best behavior.

    • Laura Dove
      February 22, 2018 / 7:32 pm

      We really did, he did me proud! xx

  56. February 22, 2018 / 5:55 pm

    Firstly, how cute is your dog!! Love the bakers range – looks brilliant for dogs and well worth trying, as the nutrition looks pretty good x

    • Laura Dove
      February 22, 2018 / 7:27 pm

      Yes, we have no complaints with it whatsoever. Oscar loves it and is in really good shape! xx

  57. Tracy Hanley
    February 22, 2018 / 7:54 pm

    Looked like both you and oscar had a fab time , such a cute doggie

  58. Jennifer Toal
    February 22, 2018 / 8:15 pm

    We have just bought a puppy ? pick her up at Easter ?

  59. iain maciver
    February 22, 2018 / 8:26 pm

    our shadow would love this

  60. Margaret Gallagher
    February 22, 2018 / 9:12 pm

    What a lovely day for you all
    Nutrition is so important
    I cant have pets /animals due to HEALTH – i admire from afar !
    My friend would be thrilled

    • Laura Dove
      February 22, 2018 / 10:15 pm

      It was a lot of fun Margaret! xx

  61. Sharon Freemantle
    February 22, 2018 / 9:30 pm

    Ozzie would be jumping for joy if I was lucky enough crossed win.

    It was very reassuring to know what goes into Bakers. After all Ozzie is a very important member of our family.

    • Laura Dove
      February 22, 2018 / 10:15 pm

      Ahh dogs are such a huge part of every family aren’t they! xx

  62. Solange
    February 22, 2018 / 11:00 pm

    It looks like you guys had a great time.

    • Laura Dove
      February 25, 2018 / 6:35 pm

      We did thank you! xx

  63. Food and Footprints
    February 23, 2018 / 4:22 am

    Looks like Oscar had an awesome time! Nice for the dogs to socialize and enjoy some food – just like us humans like to do!

    • Laura Dove
      February 25, 2018 / 6:32 pm

      Yes! He really enjoyed it! xx

  64. February 23, 2018 / 8:08 am

    Well done Oscar! He looks like such a happy dog, and how lovely to have a day just the two of you. You always think about quality time with the kids, but never with your dog! You’ve made me desperate to get a dog now – we’ve wanted one for ages but it’s never been the right time. But with me not going back to work after this maternity leave ends, it feels like it might be!

    • Laura Dove
      February 25, 2018 / 6:32 pm

      Yes! I actually said to Gaz when I got home, I feel like we really bonded on the train somehow! Since we got back I am Oscars favourite person! Ooh yes, a dog is an amazing addition to a family! xx

  65. February 23, 2018 / 8:45 am

    How fantastic! A trip to London with your dog, love it! Looks like you both had a great time. 🙂

    • Laura Dove
      February 25, 2018 / 6:31 pm

      Thank you Elizabeth, we did! xx

  66. February 23, 2018 / 9:05 am

    Oscar looks like he had a whale of a time at his blogging event! Very cool and you both look very happy. Lovely doggy and owner bonding time x

    • Laura Dove
      February 25, 2018 / 6:30 pm

      Thank you! We had a fab day and learned a lot about Bakers! xx

  67. February 23, 2018 / 10:40 am

    What a lovely day out for you both and like you say, so different to other blogging days. We don’t have a dog but my parents d and my kids adore Archie, I’ll send my Mum your link so she can find out more about Bakers. Mich x

    • Laura Dove
      February 25, 2018 / 6:30 pm

      Ahh thanks Mich, that’s kind of you! xx

  68. February 23, 2018 / 11:02 am

    My Dalmatian willow loves Bakers food, she’s rather old now (15) so the older age variety the range has is perfect to help with joints and give her the energy she needs. I love how your dog got to attend the event and enjoyed the train ride. You don’t see dog blogging events often.

    • Laura Dove
      February 25, 2018 / 6:30 pm

      Thanks Kirsty. No you’re right, it was great to take him to an event though, he really enjoyed it! xx

  69. February 23, 2018 / 11:14 am

    That sounds like such a fun event for the both of you. I agree that blogging is so much fun when every day is different from the next

    • Laura Dove
      February 25, 2018 / 6:29 pm

      We had a great time Mellissa! xx

  70. Sharon Hirst
    February 23, 2018 / 12:12 pm

    You have an adorable dog. I no longer have a dog, put to sleep recently following illness, but my brother has a lovely staffie that I know would love these treats

    • Laura Dove
      February 25, 2018 / 6:27 pm

      Thank you Sharon. Ahh I’m sure he would! xx

    • Laura Dove
      February 25, 2018 / 6:27 pm

      Thank you! xx

  71. Sheena Batey
    February 23, 2018 / 3:02 pm

    My daughter’s dog Pepper would love this food.

  72. Hayley Colburn
    February 23, 2018 / 8:28 pm

    When we first got our dog buddy we put him onto Bakers and back then (about 8 years ago) he loved it but it sent him really hyper, the vets said it was most likely his food as it contained lots of artificial colourings, am so glad they put this right in recent years as he’s back on it now and loving it again, plus its so much better for him.

    • Laura Dove
      February 25, 2018 / 6:23 pm

      Ah yes there have been some positive changes in recent years and it was really reassuring to hear that from the nutritionalists at Purina. I feel confident that feeding my dog Bakers is going to help him to grow strong and well. xx

  73. Dawn Wilkinson
    February 23, 2018 / 11:10 pm

    Lovely for you to have this time with your dog and see that he can behave differently in another environment. A dog is never too old too learn new tricks and they love the one to one attention you give them and find it mentally stimulating which is something a lot of dogs miss out on. Even though our dog is ten next month we still do the training and tricks he learnt years ago – he likes doing it (keep the session short and end on a good point) and it is good because obedience isn’t something they’re born with and they can and do ‘forget’. lol

    • Laura Dove
      February 25, 2018 / 6:20 pm

      I was really surprised by it Dawn! We never did clicker training with Oscar but he picked it up in minutes! I’m really enjoying doing more tricks with him now at home! xx

  74. February 24, 2018 / 10:09 am

    This looks like such a fun day out for you and your dog! I’ve heard of bakers but didn’t realise his good it actually was for your dog. I’m glad he behaved himself!

    • Laura Dove
      February 25, 2018 / 6:18 pm

      Thanks Jess, we had a great day! xx

  75. February 24, 2018 / 10:31 am

    You are very brave I am not sure I would take my dog on public transport I would worry she would have an accident somewhere, but it looks like you had lots of fun together 🙂

    • Laura Dove
      February 25, 2018 / 6:17 pm

      I did worry about that Laura but he was so well behaved! I think he was just way too excited! xx

    • Laura Dove
      February 25, 2018 / 6:16 pm

      It was great fun Kaz! xx

  76. February 24, 2018 / 2:00 pm

    How adorable is Oscar! We don’t have a dog but the girls would love one!

    • Laura Dove
      February 25, 2018 / 6:15 pm

      Thank you Kira! xx

  77. Jules Eley
    February 24, 2018 / 2:52 pm

    Awwww Oscar is super cute!

    February 24, 2018 / 5:38 pm

    It looks a great event and your dog is gorgeous, great giveaway too

  79. February 24, 2018 / 8:04 pm

    A dog and blogging event? That sounds amazing! I absolutely love dogs. They are just the best. This brand of dog food sounds really good as well.

    • Laura Dove
      February 25, 2018 / 6:04 pm

      It was lovely to be able to include him in my blogging life! xx

  80. February 24, 2018 / 8:04 pm

    Why is Oscar such a cutie?! These events are so great, and I kinda wish I had a dog now. Don’t get me wrong, not to only to take him to a show, but because they are great pets! x

    • Laura Dove
      February 25, 2018 / 6:03 pm

      Thank you Yaya, he is rather adorable and great company! xx

  81. February 24, 2018 / 10:29 pm

    Lovely to see the article on Oscar and Bakers food. Our boys love our new puppy, she has really brought the whole family together

    • Laura Dove
      February 25, 2018 / 6:00 pm

      Thank you Gaynor! Dogs are such a huge part of any family! xx

  82. Ruth Kromkamp
    February 25, 2018 / 12:05 am

    My two dogs Finch and Wren love Bakers 🙂 Great giveaway and thanks for the opportunity to win them some treats!

    • Laura Dove
      February 25, 2018 / 5:57 pm

      Ahh I love their names!! Good luck! xx

  83. February 25, 2018 / 7:11 am

    He’s so cute!!! We don’t have a dog but if we did I think I would like one like Oscar. My mum does though and I will be telling her about your post. Not only for the giveaway but for the info about Bakers. I hope his tricks are coming along nicely xx

    • Laura Dove
      February 25, 2018 / 5:56 pm

      Thanks Claire, he’s really mastered the clicker! I had no idea he would learn so fast at his age! xx

  84. February 25, 2018 / 11:28 am

    Oscar is so cute and looks so happy with his trip to Bakers! My dog used to love Bakers but now is on a hypoallergenic diet, so sadly can’t use Bakers anymore 🙁

    • Laura Dove
      February 25, 2018 / 5:54 pm

      Ahh that’s a shame. I hope you found something that works for him. xx

  85. laura banks
    February 25, 2018 / 11:54 am

    so cute great giveaway

  86. Julie Kenny
    February 25, 2018 / 12:20 pm

    Oscar is adorable – super cute! My boys Harry and Milo would love to win Bakers is their favourite brand x

    • Laura Dove
      February 25, 2018 / 5:53 pm

      Ahh thank you. Good luck! xx

  87. February 25, 2018 / 11:52 pm

    Oh my god, what a great event. I love dogs, I would have been in heaven here.

    • Laura Dove
      February 26, 2018 / 3:08 pm

      It was great Laura, I wanted to take them all back home with me! xx

  88. February 26, 2018 / 12:50 pm

    What a brilliant event to go to! I would have loved having a go with my dog with the tricks….did he make it into the skateboard?!

    • Laura Dove
      February 26, 2018 / 3:03 pm

      He had a go Steph! We are working on it…!! xx

  89. February 26, 2018 / 7:48 pm

    I must really share this post with my friends with dogs! They’d be enthusiastic about these products

    • Laura Dove
      February 26, 2018 / 8:48 pm

      Thank you Sabrina! I’m sure they would love Bakers! xx

  90. February 27, 2018 / 3:48 am

    Oscar is a very cute dog and I’m so glad both of you have got to experience such kind of a wonderful opportunity. IS Bakers an international brand? Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors.

    • Laura Dove
      March 1, 2018 / 8:33 pm

      Thank you Lyka! I think Purina is an international brand, they have a wide range of pet foods! xx

  91. kayleigh Robinson
    February 27, 2018 / 5:40 am

    My doggy misty would love a visit there! She lives with my mum and dad ( she stayed when I moved out but she’s still my baby) id love to win this for her x

    • Laura Dove
      March 1, 2018 / 8:32 pm

      Ahh good luck Misty! xx

  92. jen jackson
    February 27, 2018 / 12:32 pm

    I love Oscar he looks so cute

    • Laura Dove
      March 1, 2018 / 8:31 pm

      Thank you!

  93. Sue Moore
    February 27, 2018 / 6:52 pm

    aww what a wonderful day out, loving Oscar, sweetie

    • Laura Dove
      March 1, 2018 / 8:28 pm

      Thank you Sue! xx

  94. Rebecca mercer
    February 28, 2018 / 10:27 am

    Looks great! Oscar is so cute

    • Laura Dove
      March 1, 2018 / 8:20 pm

      Thank you Rebecca!

  95. Rachael O’brien
    February 28, 2018 / 1:56 pm

    Would love to win for my 1 year old shih tzu Qiqi:)

    • Laura Dove
      March 1, 2018 / 8:16 pm

      Good luck!

  96. Sarah Holder
    February 28, 2018 / 7:25 pm

    Would love to win for my dog Ted, he loves his food!

  97. Daniel Harrison
    March 1, 2018 / 9:03 am

    This is simply amazing – thanks for the chance!

  98. Sarah Mackay
    March 1, 2018 / 9:36 am

    What a brilliant giveaway

  99. Tracy Nixon
    March 1, 2018 / 9:41 am

    Perfect for my little chihuahua, Twinkle x

    • Laura Dove
      March 1, 2018 / 8:10 pm

      Ahh that is the most adorable dog name ever! xx

  100. Jo Carroll
    March 1, 2018 / 9:52 am

    I love all the photos of the doggies. x

    • Laura Dove
      March 1, 2018 / 8:10 pm

      They were all gorgeous Jo, I was in doggy heaven! xx

  101. Laura Jeffs
    March 1, 2018 / 9:56 am

    Thank you so much for this brilliant giveaway! Should I be lucky enough to win I’d give my prize to my best friend, Sharon, so she can treat her lovely dog, Lulu

    • Laura Dove
      March 1, 2018 / 8:09 pm

      Ah what a lovely friend you are! xx

  102. Sarah Ann
    March 1, 2018 / 11:35 am

    Sounds like a great day! Our dog Bailey loves Bakers – it’s definitely his favourite! He now refuses anything else!

    • Laura Dove
      March 1, 2018 / 8:03 pm

      It was so much fun Sarah! We had a dog called Bailey when I was in my twenties, love the name! xx

  103. mari sutherland
    March 1, 2018 / 12:05 pm

    My dog Mrki would love this!

    • Laura Dove
      March 1, 2018 / 8:02 pm

      Good luck Mrki!

  104. Ren Taylor
    March 1, 2018 / 12:12 pm

    Oscar is the cutest and this event looks great too…lovely pictures x

    • Laura Dove
      March 1, 2018 / 8:02 pm

      Thank you Ren, we had a great time! xx

  105. Judy
    March 1, 2018 / 12:20 pm

    Would like to try Baker’s again, Oscar is gorgeous!

    • Laura Dove
      March 1, 2018 / 8:01 pm

      Thank you Judy! We love Bakers, as you can see Oscar looks lovely and healthy! xx

  106. Karen Barrett
    March 1, 2018 / 12:43 pm

    Great prize, many thanks

    • Laura Dove
      March 1, 2018 / 8:00 pm

      Good luck!

  107. Ritchie
    March 1, 2018 / 1:15 pm

    Great prize. Count me in.

    • Laura Dove
      March 1, 2018 / 7:59 pm

      Good luck!

  108. Rob Griffiths
    March 1, 2018 / 1:46 pm

    My dog Alf would love this…

    • Laura Dove
      March 1, 2018 / 7:59 pm

      Good luck Alf!

  109. Christine Shelley
    March 1, 2018 / 3:14 pm

    I d love to win so my daughter could take the prize to our local Blue Cross

    • Laura Dove
      March 1, 2018 / 7:58 pm

      What a lovely idea! Good luck! xx

  110. Tracey Belcher
    March 1, 2018 / 3:20 pm

    Fun day had by all by the looks of it and informative too! thanks for sharing – would love this for Maddy, my parents rescue dog

    • Laura Dove
      March 1, 2018 / 7:58 pm

      It was such an interesting day and great to learn more about Bakers! Good luck Maddy! xx

  111. Louise Reeks
    March 1, 2018 / 3:38 pm

    My benji loves bakers treats. thank you for the chance

    • Laura Dove
      March 1, 2018 / 7:57 pm

      Good luck Benji! xx

  112. Naomi Blackmore
    March 1, 2018 / 4:44 pm

    I’m always amazed at what dogs can learn to do!

    • Laura Dove
      March 1, 2018 / 7:53 pm

      Me too Naomi! He picked it up so fast! xx

  113. katherine Graham
    March 1, 2018 / 5:08 pm

    My Tilly loves bakers treats, thanks for a great comp xx

  114. Louise Comb
    March 1, 2018 / 5:24 pm

    Hugo, our King Charles Cavvie, is crossing his paws and sends licks XXX

    • Laura Dove
      March 1, 2018 / 7:53 pm

      Ahh Oscar is part King Charles! Good luck Hugo! xx

  115. simon tutthill
    March 1, 2018 / 7:48 pm

    wow my four legged friend would love this

    • Laura Dove
      March 1, 2018 / 7:52 pm

      Oscar loves it Simon!

  116. anthony harrington
    March 1, 2018 / 9:22 pm

    My 2 Border Collies have their paws crossed *woof woof*

    • Laura Dove
      March 2, 2018 / 12:59 pm

      Good luck! xx

  117. Stuart Blaney
    March 1, 2018 / 10:02 pm

    Ah! My wee Gracie will love these 🙂

  118. leanne weir
    March 1, 2018 / 10:10 pm

    How cute! Fab giveaway

  119. Suzanne Gaulton
    March 2, 2018 / 10:24 am

    Wow, what a brilliant day you both had!

    I am amazed that you can teach an old dog new tricks – we got thrown out of puppy training classes when our Labrador was too timid and nervous to do anything… She will be 7 next month (much more confident now) and I would never have dreamed that we would be able to get her doing anything new. Maybe there is hope for our Tilly yet!

    • Laura Dove
      March 2, 2018 / 12:42 pm

      Oh bless her! Our Oscar was the same, wouldn’t play ball as a puppy but clearly he drank it all in as now he can learn a new trick in minutes! xx

  120. Angela Muir
    March 2, 2018 / 11:00 am

    My sister’s dog would love this

  121. nicole Fletcher
    March 2, 2018 / 2:28 pm

    Sounds like a great day. We have a new pup who we are still looking for a good food for but there’s such a range out there!

    • Laura Dove
      March 2, 2018 / 10:05 pm

      Ahh how lovely! There’s so many amazing brands out there but Bakers has always been Oscars favourite! xx

  122. March 3, 2018 / 6:58 pm

    Looks like a fab event. Oscar is such a cutie

    • Laura Dove
      March 4, 2018 / 4:41 pm

      Thanks Alison! xx

    March 4, 2018 / 3:50 pm

    This is a fantastic giveaway and looks like you had a good time behind the scenes too.

  124. DAWN HULL
    March 4, 2018 / 8:39 pm

    Fantastic giveaway. Thank you for the chance to win! Good luck everyone!

  125. katrina walsh
    March 6, 2018 / 3:39 pm

    My 2 hounds, Egbert and Mister Sweep would be thrilled with this lovelylot

  126. Elizabeth Smith
    March 6, 2018 / 10:36 pm

    12 paws crossed in this house!

  127. Angela Surgenor
    March 7, 2018 / 11:06 pm

    .·:*¨¨*:·.Fantastic Prize.·:*¨¨*:·.

  128. Adrian Bold
    March 8, 2018 / 1:36 am

    Thanks for the great prize and competition! Good luck everyone.

  129. kelly morgan
    March 8, 2018 / 4:49 pm

    Fantastic competition for my dog Bailey

  130. Michelle Ferguson
    March 9, 2018 / 10:50 pm

    My two labs would love this

  131. Iris
    March 10, 2018 / 8:38 am

    What a cutie Oscar is, looks you had a great day

  132. Jennifer
    March 11, 2018 / 11:04 pm

    What an adorable pooch!x

  133. Claire Appleton
    March 14, 2018 / 6:30 am

    Aw lovely doggy! I would this prize for my Lacey Loo

  134. Jessica Hutton
    March 15, 2018 / 6:45 pm

    My 3 dogs would love this xx

  135. Laura Corrall
    March 16, 2018 / 2:16 pm

    Aww sounds like such a lovely day for you both together. I love my little furry girl we haven’t tried that many brand to be honest we have only stuck with the one that she was on when we had her. She’s now 1yr. So now that she is no longer a baby might be a great time to try bakers. Thanks for the chance.

  136. Peggy rossiter
    March 17, 2018 / 3:46 pm

    This would be a lovely treat for my daughters dog who has recentky been rehomed with them. He deserves something really nice to celebrate being with his new family

  137. Tracey Hallmark
    March 19, 2018 / 1:46 am

    Great review thanks for sharing it’s a good insight into the Bakers brand, I’d love to win for my lovely black labrador Zeus

  138. March 19, 2018 / 12:21 pm

    my milly moo would just love this as she lovesssssss bakers meaty biscuit balls x

  139. Stevie
    March 20, 2018 / 11:06 am

    We have 2 Jack Russells in the family and they love Bakers.

  140. tammi nutting
    March 20, 2018 / 6:54 pm

    have 2 dogs a bichon she is another yappy mcyapperson lol and our old staffy she is 13 now we use bakers all the time they love the meaty chunks

    March 22, 2018 / 10:51 pm

    I don’t have a doggy but my son has, and a cat and a rabbit and 2 kids, this would be for his dog, woof woof

  142. Avs
    March 23, 2018 / 8:09 am

    Purina – a recipe for success

  143. Julie Barrett
    March 23, 2018 / 4:15 pm

    Your dog is gorgeous. My assistance dog and my rescue beagle would have loved that event – although the beagle would probably have caused chaos and pinched all the food lol

  144. donna l jones
    March 25, 2018 / 12:56 pm

    spud would love these

  145. Julie
    March 25, 2018 / 8:44 pm

    Our wee max would be in seventh heaven with this prize!

  146. Louise A
    March 27, 2018 / 9:49 am

    Would be nice to try something new as we feed our dogs the same thing every day

    • Laura Dove
      March 27, 2018 / 1:01 pm

      It’s one of my favourite colours! xx

  147. Pamela Gossage
    March 27, 2018 / 12:19 pm

    Luna would love this

  148. Sarah Wilson
    March 27, 2018 / 1:38 pm

    My two little Cavaliers would love this!

  149. Lisa Wilkinson
    March 27, 2018 / 8:27 pm

    Thank you for the great prize

  150. paula cheadle
    March 27, 2018 / 11:10 pm

    I would love to be your winner, for my Bella and Buddy

  151. Sheri Darby
    March 29, 2018 / 4:46 pm

    Our Polly would love this

  152. Carol Boffey
    March 30, 2018 / 11:44 am

    lovely giveaway

  153. Emma Deeley
    March 30, 2018 / 6:22 pm

    Aw Oscar is super cute

  154. Maria Jane Knight
    March 30, 2018 / 7:13 pm

    Perfect treats for our little lady Tiny!

  155. Cerys John
    March 30, 2018 / 7:20 pm

    Oooh my cocker spaniel Angus would love this amazing giveaway 🙂

  156. chris bull
    March 30, 2018 / 8:10 pm

    Fleur would love this 🙂

  157. March 30, 2018 / 8:41 pm

    My dog Jac would love to win 🙂 he has bakers complete as his dry food

  158. Emma Davison
    March 30, 2018 / 8:42 pm

    My dog Jasper loves the beef flavour dog food. I think he appreciates the different shapes, colours and flavours of the biscuits.

  159. Simone Griffin
    March 31, 2018 / 6:51 am

    I’d love to win this for my mum and dad’s new dog x

  160. Kirsty Woods
    March 31, 2018 / 7:38 am

    Wolfy would love this, although he is not that fussy he once stole a whole bunch of bananas and sat in the corner and peeled and ate each one 🙂

  161. Shaun Heathcote
    March 31, 2018 / 10:13 am

    looks like you all had a great day

  162. Miss Tracy Hanson
    March 31, 2018 / 10:13 am

    Doni would love this. As a labrador cross, he’s greedy but very picky and doesn’t like the same food again. So once he’s finished one bag he wants something else. Although he does like Baker’s, and doesn’t turn his nose up at it a second time round, so a great prize for him. Thanks for the chance.

  163. Jane Gorton
    March 31, 2018 / 10:23 am

    Great post. I currently have 4 GSD/Border Collie dogs and 13 two week old puppies! Fantastic prize, thank you x

  164. Caroline Blaza
    March 31, 2018 / 11:05 am

    Great giveaway…..would be lovely to win something for the dogs x

  165. Sarah Austin
    March 31, 2018 / 11:55 am

    Great competition!

  166. ruth lee
    March 31, 2018 / 1:00 pm

    my dog would love them

  167. Marjoleine Kok
    March 31, 2018 / 2:32 pm

    Vegas has his paws crossed x He loves his bakers treats and food , and would have been in doggy heaven visiting london with you 🙂

    March 31, 2018 / 2:32 pm

    my dog sandy (also known as miss piggy due to her appetite would love this prize

  169. Kim Styles
    March 31, 2018 / 3:47 pm

    just fostered another dog – this would be great !

  170. Tammy Neal
    March 31, 2018 / 4:53 pm

    My dog would love these she loves bakers x

  171. paul jackson
    March 31, 2018 / 5:07 pm

    my dogs love the whirlers. they have 1 each every day

  172. laura stewart
    March 31, 2018 / 7:09 pm

    yes please, looks lovely x

  173. katie smith
    March 31, 2018 / 7:53 pm

    Sounds like fun. My dog loves bakers.

  174. Tracey S Anderson
    March 31, 2018 / 8:28 pm

    Fabulous review 🙂 Bakers treats are a firm favourite here Mr. Potter my Jack loves them 🙂 x

  175. Natalie Crossan
    April 1, 2018 / 12:09 am

    My little Westie Lily would love this xx

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