How To Improve Your Health One Step At A Time  

Making plans to drastically boost your health should be commended. However, it’s very important to remember that doing so is a process, and expecting results overnight isn’t possible. Improving your health concerns learning about what’s good for you, how your body works, your individual needs, how to pick yourself up when you suffer a setback, and when to get help if you require it. It’s about realising that there’s no shame in asking for help, and enjoying making your way to a richer, more sociable, healthier, and happier lifestyle. Remember that you needn’t ban certain foods from your diet in order to be healthy and to eat clean, you just need to learn how to eat as part of a balanced diet and to be kind to yourself.  

Be A Good Sport  

If you’re at a point in your life where you are having some trouble trying to muster the motivation to get the gym, then why not invite your friends along or venture into the countryside with your dog and one of your favourite music playlists? Some say life begins after 50, so there’s no excuse if you’re fast approaching the milestone age. Join sports teams in your local area, get active, make friends, add an extra routine to your week, and enjoy living a healthier lifestyle. When you’ve been hard at work burning fat and calories, remember to replenish energy reserves by having a nutritious snack afterwards, such as a piece of wholemeal toast with a light covering of peanut butter, a banana, two or three rice cakes, or a flapjack, for example.  

Forgiving Yourself  

Beating yourself up, and focusing on your weaknesses rather than your strengths isn’t going to help you get healthier one bit. You need to realise that humans are not infallible and that everyone makes mistakes. Share your worries with those close to you, and talk about the struggles you’re having if you’re consumed with guilt, grief, or stress, for example. In time you should forgive yourself, learn from previous experiences, and want to put things right and do better for your sake and your family’s too.  

Cook From Scratch  

If cooking and baking aren’t your strong suit, then you need to practice at getting better and raising the culinary bar. To get you started, and to welcome a little bit of healthy rivalry, why don’t you entertain your friends and family one evening for a dinner date and then make it a monthly occurrence amongst your group? This way, you can improve your skills, as well as gain a greater understanding of new recipes, and have a tasty meal cooked for you each week. What’s not to love?  

Set Yourself Achievable Targets  

Resist the urge to set huge targets and expect too much too soon, as this is only going to lead to dissatisfaction and disheartenment. When you’re not able to reach your goals, you’re likely to see it as if you failed and didn’t try hard enough. This probably isn’t the case, and your disappointment can see you reach for the nearest available tub of ice cream and to then undo all the progress you’ve made. Therefore set achievable goals and celebrate the small successes, and be patient as you will soon see positive results.  


** This is a collaborative post ** 



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