How to Design a Stylish Home Office 

Working from home can have its perks, and that is why so many professionals are now working from a home office. Sometimes they operate a home-based business and other times they are remote workers who spend part of their workweek in the office and the other part at home. Not only does this cut down on overheads for their employers, but it increases productivity because each person can work those hours most comfortable for them. If you have a home office, it is important to balance form and function.  

There’s nothing worse than working in haphazard surroundings where nothing is organised. Why not spiffy up that office to make it stylish yet highly functional? Here are some design tips selected to help you create an utterly stylish work space designed to increase your productivity – an office you are happy to work in! 

Built-in Shelves 

If there is one common design element seen in trending home offices, it would be built-in shelves. These can be easily constructed against one or more walls in a single weekend and before you know it, you have everything you need at your fingertips. With most files being saved in digital format, there is no longer a need for those tin-can filing cabinets, so why not create a multi-purpose space you can decorate or use to hold equipment in between uses? 

Options in Lighting 

While you will often want light bright enough to see any paperwork or small items clearly, overhead fluorescents are a thing of the past. They often flicker to the point of distraction and so many home offices have gone to recessed LED lamps in the ceiling and stylish floor lamps like those found on the Pagazzi website. Your choice of floor lamps is important because you will want something that provides enough light to see by but not so much that you feel as though you are working under a spotlight. The point is, not only should your lighting be functional, but it should also be stylish. Floor lamps fit the bill perfectly. 

Neutral Tones with a Splash of Colour 

There have been several studies on the psychology of colour and it has been proven that some colours aren’t conducive to productivity. Colours which are too bright keep you hyped up while colours which are too drab set you in a mood almost too tranquil to get much of anything accomplished. This is why most interior decorators suggest keeping walls and furnishings neutral but dressing up the room with a splash of colour.  

You could use floral arrangements, brightly coloured throw pillows on a sofa (if you have one in the room) and pictures on the wall chosen for colours that match your personality. Also, by leaving the room in neutral colours, you can adapt those ‘splashes’ to the season. In spring you would use pastels, while in autumn you’d add earth tones like orange while Christmas would lend itself well to reds and greens. Why not keep your mood focused to coincide with the seasons? 

It’s All About Atmosphere 

Whether or not you ever intend to meet with clients or peers in your home office, the atmosphere you create must be a healthy balance of form and function. You don’t want your work space too outlandishly decorated so that you are disrupted by the visual ‘noise,’ yet you don’t want it so boring that you fall asleep on the job. 

The key is in the creative use of space that keeps everything in its proper place without looking like you are in a records room of old. However, light is also of vital importance because you need enough light to see what you are doing yet not so much that your head aches. Keep everything in perspective and you will have a truly stylish home office that helps you get the job done in a room that pops with artistry. Now, that’s a home office! 


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