Are You Cancelling Out Your Own Health Efforts?

You might have been on a health kick lately, trying to improve both your diet and your general level of fitness. To do this, you have probably taken a range of different steps in an attempt to improve your wellbeing. You might have decided to control what you eat, join a gym and perhaps even set up a fitness schedule. However, there could still be issues that are stopping you from achieving the level of fitness and health that you want. Let’s look at a few of the ways you can become your own worst enemy when you’re trying To Get Fit.

Rewards And Exceptions

The first issue to be aware of is the problem of rewards and exceptions. What do we mean by this? Well, you might have heard of the cheat day. When people work out or go on a fitness drive, it’s quite common for them to have cheat days. These can be once a week or once every few days and are times when you can eat whatever you want. That could include cake, sweets, chocolate or virtually anything else you can think of. The problem is that it’s quite easy for a cheat day to become a case of yo-yo dieting. You take the weight off, only to put it on again a little later. Eventually, your body gets used to this rhythm and losing weight becomes more difficult. If you are using cheat days it’s important that you make sure you are doing it as little as possible.

It’s also important not to have exceptions. In other words, ‘I’ll eat healthy except for…” Depending on what the exception is it can be quite damaging to your efforts. For instance, you might decide to keep drinking alcohol. This is a mistake as alcoholic drinks like wine are packed full of calories. Instead, you should think about cutting this out as well. Remember, if you can’t stop drinking, you might want to think about checking out an addiction recovery centre. That way, you can get the help you might have needed without even realising it.

Down Time

Did you know that down time can severely impact your fitness attempts? You do need to be careful that you don’t spend too long resting if you are trying to keep fit. Even when you are sitting for long periods, it’s important to stay active as much as possible. If you work in an office, you might want to consider using a stand up desk. This allows you to change your position throughout the working day.

Alternatively, office yoga could be highly beneficial to you, providing your body the workout it needs, even when you’re in one place. There are various exercises and techniques you can use to keep your body moving and continue to burn off calories even when you can’t fully exercise. Butt clenches or just swingings your arms might be enough to make sure that you don’t start building fat while you’re doing nothing between exercise routines.


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