4 Ways To Make Your Garden More Child Friendly

Getting out into the great outdoors has many benefits for children and adults alike. 

Growing little ones should be encouraged to enjoy the outdoors, especially in a day and age where social media and electronics feature so heavily in our lives. 

This starts with making your outdoor spaces as child friendly as possible. Not only will a more pleasant and accessible garden area serve as a good reason for kids to leave the house, it’ll also leave you with peace of mind when they do choose to venture out for fresh air. 

 That’s why we’ve put together 4 of our top tips for making your garden child-friendly that don’t take lots of time or break the bank. 

Cultivate a Child-Friendly Patch 

Growing plants, flowers, and vegetables is a fab way of encouraging children to learn about nature. 

Little ones will love pushing seeds into moist, loamy earth and watching them grow over time. 

To help them wiggle those little green fingers, carve out a section of the garden that is just for them. In this space, allow them to choose whatever plants or seeds they would like to grow and then support them in tending to them. 

Easy-to-grow plants include sunflowers and hardy veg like potatoes. For very little effort your mini Alan Titchmarsh can reap the reward of growing something from scratch. Just make sure the area you allow them to plant is gets plenty of sun and is relatively shielded from the worse of the elements to maximise their chances of success. 

Invest In Play Equipment 

Having an area of your garden with a glut of play equipment can prevent your little ones from wreaking havoc on the rest of your garden. 

If yours is an avid football fan, it’s likely that they’d love a pair of goalposts to practice bending it like Beckham – just make sure they’re a decent distance from your prize plants! 

From climbing frames to trampolines, you can create an area that is solely dedicated to their playtime. 

Install Artificial Grass 

Artificial grass is both child and pet friendly because it is so accessible all-year round. Even after bouts of heavy rain, the design of fake grass means liquid simply drains away leaving no puddles or muddy patches. 

Non-slip, soft and durable it is a fantastic addition to any well-used garden that requires very little maintenance and offers great value for money. 

Developments in technology also means that there a range of add-ons and enhancements that can be added to artificial grass to make it even safer. For example, a shock pad or variation of foam underlay can be installed under the turf to add cushioning and protect little ones from trips and falls. 

Steer Clear of Ponds and Water Features 

Water features and ponds make a pretty feature for any gardens, but they’re not the most child-friendly additions to your garden.

An open body of water on your property is bound to be anxiety inducing and make you reluctant to let them wander unattended in the garden. 

If you already have one, it’s advisable to install a safety grid for peace of mind to prevent any falls into the water, which could spell disaster. And if you’ve been contemplating getting one and have little ones in the house, it may be best to leave it until they are a little bit older so you can fully enjoy it! 

There are many ways to make your garden more child friendly, and these are just a few. But the key to enticing your kids outside is to create a space that is safe and inviting. Don’t make more work for yourself by installing features that are potentially dangerous or would not allow your child to wander freely in the outdoors. The key to getting it right is to combine a few features that they can enjoy all-year around, not just in summer. 

For anyone wanting to know how to get the garden Summer ready without the stress, Jen has a great post over at Just Average Jen. 



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