Where does the time go?

Today I received Lewis’s first high school photo and I have to admit, it brought a tear to my eye. I’ve been sat here looking at his handsome face and wondering, when did my baby get so big? Where did my little boy with his baby face go? When did his gappy toothed smile sprout adult teeth, his chubby little cheeks slim down, his crazy bed head become so perfectly coiffed?

Because it feels as though in the space of just three months at high school he has aged a good few years. He suddenly knows about things that I had never even heard of at that age, things that just thinking about make me blush! He has new friends I have never heard of before, new names mentioned every day, new faces knocking at the door or chatting on the phone. He has a girlfriend, (a GIRLFRIEND!!!) who looks at least fifteen and who he spends all of his spare time texting whilst hiding his phone whenever I ask what he’s doing. He’s developed a penchant for designer clothes, for Ralph Lauren and whatever else it is that boys of his age are wearing these days. He spends even longer doing his hair each morning, worries about things things like spots, bad breath and has a whole array of deodorants, shower gels and aftershaves!!

He’s gone from a child to something much more. Not yet an adult, not quite a teenager, but something in the middle. Someone who I look at and feel so proud of but I wish, how I wish, that time would slow down just a little.



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