Blowing away the cobwebs with Debenhams

Every year, between Christmas and New Year, we reach the stage where we have eaten all we can possibly eat, played with every toy and game ten times over, and watched enough Christmas movies to last a lifetime. And getting outdoors is not only preferable, but it’s necessary!

It’s funny because after being holed up all Christmas never leaving the house, all toasty warm in our fleece pyjamas, going outside with the temperatures dropping came as a real shock. Thankfully for us, Debenhams gifted us the most beautiful Winter coats from their mini-me AW18 collection and not only did the girls love that we were matching, but not once did they complain about being cold!

Having joined the National Trust late last year we decided to pay a visit to a local site, Dunham Massey. It’s a beautiful place to blow away the cobwebs, breathe in some fresh air, and put our coats to the test!

I’m a big fan of a fur trimmed hood and these coats from Blue Zoo have the most amazing fluffy hood we’ve ever had. At this time of year it’s important to keep those little ears warm and I loved that the hoods on these coats are big enough not to fall down every two minutes. Is there anything more annoying?

Inside the hood is a soft leopard print faux fur which both the girls and I adore. Leopard print is everywhere this season and it’s great to see Debenhams extending that trend right through to little ones.

With a gorgeous belted waist and a shiny gold clasp, the novelty of their first coat with a belt was a big hit. My girls are like magpies and adore anything shiny, and the gold looks so striking against the black.

Everyone knows how much I love for my girls to twin, something I have done ever since they reached the same size in clothes and shoes. It’s so much easier for me to buy two of everything and halve our shopping time with fewer arguments over who gets what. 99% of the time the girls choose to wear the same clothes and, for as long as they continue to want to, I think it is utterly adorable.

The Mini-Me range at Debenhams is such a lovely idea meaning that Mums and their daughters can twin in co-ordinating coats and ย jackets. I love that they aren’t identical, as I do believe that children should dress age appropriately, but that the features and styles are similar to really give that lovely matching feel.

My coat comes from the Jasper Conran range, and has the softest insulating made with feather and down mix, and a classic quilting in a waterproof fabric. I can honestly say, hands down, it is the best coat I have ever had in terms of keeping me warm, looking stylish, and not to mention the most gorgeous fur trimmed hood to match my girls.

Being on the taller side I adore the length, coming right down past my knees, which is just what I need at this time of year. I also love that, whilst being hugely practical, it is still so stylish and has beautifully tailored seams to give the perfect fit. The coat also comes with a belt for those who really want to pull it in at the waist or, if like me you’ve indulged in all the Christmas goodies, you can remove it for an alternative look.

Thanks to being so lovely and warm we were able to spend the whole afternoon exploring Dunham Massey, wandering around the gardens, viewing the mansion, and the children’s favourite part, climbing trees!

It was good for me to see how warm and dry the girls stayed, despite rolling around in the mud and clambering up trees. It was also hugely reassuring to know that the coats are fully machine washable!!

We had such a lovely day exploring Dunham Massey and I think we all agreed that our favourite part was spotting deer in the deer sanctuary. It took a great deal of patience, and a lot of practice at being quiet, but we just about managed to pull it off and were rewarded by the most beautiful deer coming out to say hello!

I’m sure Dunham Massey will be the first of many Winter walks together in the coming weeks and we are so excited to explore more National Trust properties throughout the year. You can’t beat getting outdoors when you’re wrapped up cosy and warm, and some of my favourite moments are these ones right here, snuggled up to my beautiful babies, just enjoying family time together.


** We were sent our coats for the purpose of this review. All words and opinions are my own **



  1. January 4, 2019 / 2:50 pm

    The trip looked like fun, but let’s talk about those coats! I love how slim fitting they are. They don’t get in the way of what you are doing. And that belt! So charming!

  2. Candy
    January 4, 2019 / 3:00 pm

    We are very lucky to have a bunch of land to walk through and blow out the cobwebs. Makes a world of difference

  3. Pam Wattenbarger
    January 4, 2019 / 3:18 pm

    Your children are adorable and those coats look so cozy. I’m sure your family will have many enjoyable walks this winter.

  4. January 4, 2019 / 3:36 pm

    Those jokes look gorgeous and super warm!

  5. January 4, 2019 / 6:40 pm

    An interesting, inspiring family trip and I think fun too! Nice place and beautiful photos!

  6. January 4, 2019 / 6:48 pm

    These are some amazing coats! It’s always nice to have them when it gets cold out. My daughter loves to be outside even if it is cold out.

  7. January 4, 2019 / 7:15 pm

    Loving the coats the belts add just the right touch of style for kids too. I want one now lol. Love these photos these make great pics to keep for memories down the road.

  8. January 4, 2019 / 7:17 pm

    This looks like such a fun trip plus those coats are really cosy I can already tell from the lining inside. Your girls are so adorable.

  9. January 4, 2019 / 7:56 pm

    Lovely winter coats! They look comfy and stylish, and those are two important things to consider when buying coats. Also nice that they kept you warm during your first winter walk – I myself also miss the sun! But it’s just to icy where I live that I have to wait a few more weeks or months before the woods and parks start to look like that in Dunham Massey! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. January 4, 2019 / 8:42 pm

    We have national trust passes too and have enjoyed getting out this week for fresh air, I agree a good warm coat is an essential. I love twinning with my daughter too so we would love the mini me range too.

  11. January 4, 2019 / 10:40 pm

    I love the NT, I love Debenhams, I love winter walks and I love those big furry hoods on the coats!

  12. January 4, 2019 / 11:09 pm

    What a lovely looking place to go and explore and those coats look so comfortable and cosy. I love the pop of colour inside the hood as well!

  13. Jess
    January 4, 2019 / 11:26 pm

    I love them! I actually have a purple coat very similar to yours. After the holiday I too was shocked going out in the weather but you all made it and had fun at your destination!

  14. January 4, 2019 / 11:31 pm

    It looks like y’all had an excellent day adventuring and ducting off the cobwebs. I have to say that the photos are too cute as well and I am loving that little black jacket, it looks like one my daughter would love.

  15. January 4, 2019 / 11:58 pm

    Loving the matching coats and boots! It looks like you guys had a blast!

  16. January 5, 2019 / 1:22 am

    I am all about coats like that, and I also love that it’s just below your knees, that’s the perfect length for me.

  17. January 5, 2019 / 1:26 am

    How great you all were able to match and stay warm in style! The deer sanctuary sounds like it would be fascinating. Watching the deer go about their daily deer activities can be fun.

  18. Kathy
    January 5, 2019 / 2:45 am

    I am loving all of these photos. Those jackets are the best! I’d love to get matching ones with my girls. We have matching shoes already, so why not jackets too!

  19. January 5, 2019 / 7:23 am

    Those coats look very warm. I love the special features of the waist belts and the leopard hood lining.

  20. A Infinite Step
    January 5, 2019 / 10:25 am

    the kid are sooooo cute! I loved every pic of yours and looks like you all had an amazing time ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy New Year!

  21. Kayla
    January 5, 2019 / 12:29 pm

    These pictures are absolutely stunning. Your children are beautiful and look so happy. Those coats are superb too, I love the waist on them.

  22. January 5, 2019 / 1:51 pm

    Wow, it sounds like you all had a perfect adventure day. Those girls of yours are incredibly beautiful.

  23. Gervin Khan
    January 5, 2019 / 2:49 pm

    First of all, what a great outfit for your twins. I love places where we get to feel the nature and interact with them. It’s great to go to this places once in a while.

  24. Tim B
    January 5, 2019 / 2:49 pm

    These are some amazingly cute pictures of you and the girls. My wife and daughter love the jackets you are wearing!

  25. January 5, 2019 / 3:33 pm

    Can’t beat the quality! I especially love the hood on the hood ๐Ÿ™‚ They look so snuggly!

  26. January 5, 2019 / 4:06 pm

    What a fun trip to test out your fabulous new coats! I’m all about staying warm, so finding ones that keep me all snuggled are winners to me!

  27. January 5, 2019 / 4:17 pm

    Oh wow, the jackets look great and so comfy! Your girls look adorable in the matching coats and boots. Love all these lovely photos you’ve taken from the trip!

  28. January 5, 2019 / 4:59 pm

    I love the look of these winter coats. They look amazing and comfy. My daughter has a similar piece.

  29. January 5, 2019 / 5:10 pm

    The coats are quite stylish and look well made! It looks like you all had so much fun visiting Dunham Massey.

  30. January 5, 2019 / 6:15 pm

    You are so right about the need to get outside this time of year. I feel lucky that we have a small homestead and there are always things that need to be done. I can go out for an hour here, a half hour there and it makes all the difference in the way I feel.

  31. January 5, 2019 / 8:02 pm

    what a beautiful place to explore! and those coats are so lovely, perfect for this cold chill we’re having

  32. January 5, 2019 / 9:48 pm

    These coats are beautiful and they look perfect for this winter season! You all looked like you had the best time out!

  33. January 6, 2019 / 12:14 am

    I love the idea of mommy and daughter twinning…it is adorable. Those coats are pretty. I would love to have one. ๐Ÿ™‚ Cute pictures, by the way.

  34. January 6, 2019 / 1:42 am

    Those coats are absolutely adorable! Your girls looked so cute in them. Looks like they did a good job of keeping everyone warm as well.

  35. January 6, 2019 / 3:16 am

    Those are some really nice kids coats! So functional and really nice looking!

  36. January 6, 2019 / 1:00 pm

    Aw these coats are absolutely gorgeous! I love the print lining in the hood and the shiny cold clasp.

  37. January 6, 2019 / 6:55 pm

    All of these photos are great! Your kiddos are just too cute.

  38. rika
    January 6, 2019 / 7:18 pm

    Love all of these pictures! Beautiful location and outfits! I love taking pictures but barely take my own family pics ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. January 6, 2019 / 11:46 pm

    The coats are absolutely gorgeous, I love the style and just how warm they look. I will definitely give them a look over.

  40. January 7, 2019 / 3:28 am

    I used to have a coat like this when I was a child and loved it! Too cute. Also, I LOVE your photography.

  41. January 7, 2019 / 10:56 am

    We would be lost without our NT membership, we use it so much. Loving your matching coats – M&S do a mini-me range too and Eliza has the cutest jumpsuit

  42. January 7, 2019 / 3:06 pm

    Everyone looks so adorable and snug even in the cold weather. The craftsmanship is indeed superb! ๐Ÿ˜€

  43. January 8, 2019 / 1:09 pm

    So many lovely photos of the kids! Your coats are beautiful and perfect for those crispy cold January days.

  44. January 8, 2019 / 4:56 pm

    I so love the coordinated outfits! Definitely looking forward to do the same when I have kids. The smiles in their faces are definitely irreplaceable.

  45. January 9, 2019 / 2:56 am

    You guys look so wonderful in your jackets! Winters here are so cold.. and to be honest, miserable.. and it’s good to have jackets that can keep up with our busy pace of life and the winter weather. I will definitely check these out – they have so many great features!

  46. January 9, 2019 / 9:01 am

    Those fur lined coats look so cozy, I’m definitely trying to spend more time outside but I’ve had to dig all my warm clothing out x

  47. January 9, 2019 / 10:12 am

    Love the coats and perfect for this time of year, we used to belong to the National Trust such great places to visit

  48. January 9, 2019 / 11:54 am

    beautiful photos! I love their little coats and boots and their lovely long hair. Such sweet memories!

  49. January 9, 2019 / 5:26 pm

    Wow – this sounds like a great trip! I would love to check this out someday!

  50. January 9, 2019 / 5:28 pm

    The trip looks great. I as usual love your kids and it feels good to see that you guys had fun.

  51. January 9, 2019 / 6:16 pm

    Those coats look so stylish. I love the gold belts and fur hoods. Nice to get outside after Christmas!

  52. sabrina
    January 9, 2019 / 6:41 pm

    How much poetry in this nature, in that kids’ happiness and in your eyes, telling us by images and words this moments!

  53. Elizabeth O
    January 9, 2019 / 6:42 pm

    beautiful photos! I love that coats and boots. you guys look so wonderful in the jackets. pictures are absolutely stunning thanks for sharing them.

  54. Surekha Busa
    January 10, 2019 / 1:13 pm

    You had such a great bond. Nothing beats the matching coats you have. It’s so cute..!

  55. January 11, 2019 / 8:38 pm

    Debenhams knows how to do great outwear pieces for sure! Your pictures are so vivid and always capture emotions so well. Glad to hear you all had a fabulous time. To many more National Trust discoveries!

  56. January 11, 2019 / 10:53 pm

    Everything looks so nice, nature the outdoors. I love the jackets, your twins look adorable.

  57. Konstantina
    January 12, 2019 / 10:39 am

    First of all your photography is beautiful. I wish you the best for you and your family. Have a great year ๐Ÿ’›

  58. Jennifer Prince
    January 12, 2019 / 2:24 pm

    Ok, this is too fun! I adore how it all coordinates – coats, boots, and your son’s coat. Too cute!

  59. January 12, 2019 / 4:33 pm

    Looks like you all had so much fun! Such great photography and scenery. I love the mom and daughters matching coats. Brings back memories of when my three daughters were young, and I would often make matching dresses for all of us.

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