Happy one year Bloggiversary to me!

One year ago today I decided to seize the day and get back to doing something that I love – writing. It was a giant leap of faith to put myself back out there and share, not only my family with you all, but my heart and soul too.

It’s not often that I feel a sense of pride in myself, other than in that of being a Mummy, but I am very proud of all that I have achieved this year. It took a great deal of time, and Googling, to fathom how to even start a blog, let alone find the time to update it and learn the different ways to get my blog out there. I have just about managed to get my head around the likes of Twitter and Instagram, manoeuvre my way through Word Press, laid the groundwork for going Self Hosted, and get to grips with the many, many link-ups available to us bloggers! I have learned to trust my instinct in what I share, in the photos of my children and the details of our lives together. I have taken on board every compliment, and every criticism, and I have, I hope, stayed true to myself in what I write, what I share, and ultimately, what I believe in.

I never wanted to be the kind of blogger who painted a picture of the perfect life. I think that there are many of those types of bloggers out there, and I love and enjoy their blogs equally, but for me, I knew that should I share my blog, it would have to be warts and all. And I’ve faced some negativity over that, albeit in the minority, those who feel that I should not have shared my experiences of mental illness, or my battle with anorexia, nor the deep dark secrets that they feel were not made for public reading. I think, rather sadly, that there are many people who would be happy to sweep those kind of things under the carpet and ignore the harsh realities of life, but, for me, my attitude has always been this; life is tough, but there are so many wonderful moments amongst such sadness should we take the time to look.

I know that there are occassions when my blog does not make for a pleasant read. There are times when I write about my memories of Joseph, our experience of losing a much wanted son, the way in which his death has impacted on our life as a family, even now, ten years later. I know that there are moments when it must be impossible to read about these things without feeling moved in some way, without bringing you to tears as you cradle your pregnant belly or hold a healthy child in your arms. I know that it must evoke thoughts, emotions, a reality that you would rather not face, and for that I am truly grateful for the fact that you continue to read. Even when it’s upsetting, when it’s scary, when it’s so desperately sad to even begin to imagine, you honour Joseph’s memory and you read on. Time and time again I am moved by the support I have been shown, by the way in which so many of you have allowed my son into your hearts. I am certain that he would be very proud of himself, I know I am.

Amongst all of that, it has been an absolute delight to share my little doves with you all. I have adored sharing my memories of Harry as he grows, through from his first birthday to the way in which he has blossomed into a cheeky, adventurous and funny little boy. I have been grateful of the opportunity to share the adventures of our beautiful, sweet Meggy, to have your feedback on the difficulties we have faced with her behaviour, to welcome the shared experience of a child who, let’s face it, has tested my very limits. I have loved sharing our tales of Eva, the way in which she is finding her feet, how she has flourished at pre-school, grown in confidence and undeniably, in beauty. And I have been so thankful to share my stories of Lewis, to tell you just how very proud I am of my boy, the most handsome and kind young man we could have hoped for.

This year has seen so many changes within our family. Lewis starting high school, Eva at pre-school and Meggy at nursery. We have enjoyed two very different holidays, from our disastrous week down in Dorset to our adventures up in Cumbria. We have shared birthdays, Christmas’s, anniversaries, days out and days in. There have been some amazing times, some terrible times, days where I have loved every minute of parenting and others where I have wanted to pack a bag and leave. I have struggled massively with on-going health issues this year, spent far too much time in and out of hospital, still searching for a diagnosis, let alone a cure. I have been up and down and back again, we have laughed, cried, torn out our hair and spent many, many hours counting down to bedtime. But from the ordinary to the extraordinary, what a year it has been. And I am so glad that in years to come, we will have all of this to look back  on.

I feel as though this is turning into an Oscars acceptance speech some what, but I do want to thank you for supporting me this last year. I have received such wonderful feedback from other bloggers, have been over the moon to feature in countless blogs, to write for so many blogs and parenting magazines that I love and admire, and given the opportunity to take my writing to the next level. I have been shocked, and completely flattered, to receive, not just one but, several nominations for the two major blogging awards this year, the MADs and the BIBs. I still can’t believe that anybody took the time to nominate me, so thank you.

And to all of you who read this, who take the time to comment, to message me, even to stop me on the street and tell me, “I love your blog!”, that, right there, makes me feel as though I have achieved something to be proud of. I love being a Mummy, I hope that comes across in my blog, but I also love that for just a short time each day, even just ten minutes of an evening, I can just be me, doing what I love, sharing the highs and lows of life as a thirty something dealing with life, love and loss. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Happy Bloggiversary to me! Here’s to the next twelve months!!




  1. May 1, 2016 / 4:04 pm

    Happy anniversary hun x

  2. Like the comment on FB, I can’t believe you’ve only been blogging a year 🙂 Oh and by the way, I’ve emailed you back. I still think all your babies are beautiful 🙂 xx

    • May 1, 2016 / 4:53 pm

      Thank you!! Just seen it, so excited to be involved! And thank you, again, I can’t help but agree!! Xxx

  3. May 1, 2016 / 5:28 pm

    Congrats on the anniversary – and what a gorgeous collection of photos! Here’s to many more years 😀

    • May 1, 2016 / 5:29 pm

      Thank you! Can’t believe it’s been a year, the months are flying by!! Xx

  4. May 1, 2016 / 6:05 pm

    Congratulations on your first year – May this be the first of many!

  5. Kizzy Bass
    May 2, 2016 / 7:53 am

    Congratulations on you bloggiversary. Here’s to even more in the future.

  6. May 2, 2016 / 7:55 am

    Happy Blogiversary and I here is to completing year 2 xx

    • May 2, 2016 / 10:09 am

      Thank you!! I hope so! Xx

  7. Gill
    May 2, 2016 / 8:05 am

    Happy Anniversary love reading your blogs you’ve got a beautiful family xx

    • May 2, 2016 / 10:08 am

      Thank you! Will try my best! Xx

  8. Fuss Free Helen
    May 2, 2016 / 8:45 am

    I cannot believe you have only been going for a year. Many congratulations, here is to the next year, and the ten after that!

    • May 2, 2016 / 10:07 am

      Thank you!! Here’s hoping!! Xx

  9. May 2, 2016 / 9:54 am

    Happy Blogaversary – love that halloween picture, crying with laughter here!

    • May 2, 2016 / 10:07 am

      Haha it’s one of my favourites!! Those two are a comedy duo!! ?xx

  10. Izzie Anderton
    May 2, 2016 / 10:08 am

    Happy 1st Birthday to your blog. Here’s to many more blogging birthdays and fabulous posts x

    • May 2, 2016 / 12:31 pm

      Thank you!! It’s been quite a year! xx

  11. May 2, 2016 / 12:21 pm

    Happy Bloggiversary to you and your blog!

  12. The L's Mum
    May 2, 2016 / 2:41 pm

    Aww Happy Blogiversary. Sounds like quite a year for you. 🙂

  13. May 2, 2016 / 7:17 pm

    Happy bloggiversary!! My 2 year bloggiversary is tomorrow, what a coincidence! I absolutely love your blog, and how honest you are. Almost every post you publish touches me in some way so thank you for that. Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays! Kaye xo

    • May 2, 2016 / 7:57 pm

      Thank you Kaye! Happy bloggiversary for you tomorrow!! I hope I’m doing even half as well as you are by this time next year!! Xx

  14. May 3, 2016 / 6:00 am

    Happy Blogaversary Laura! It does make me cross when I read that someone has had criticism for what they have shared in their blog. Blogging is a personal thing and we all have our reasons for doing it, but that isn’t a reason for people to be negative towards us or our posts. I used to avoid sharing posts on FB as I didn’t want to invite judgment from (or bore) people I know, but I have learned that people don’t have to read what I write if they don’t want to.

    I love the photos of the children, so cute and I hope you get to the bottom of your health issues. Sharing posts about things that some people find uncomfortable may actually be helping and reassuring others,so keep on sharing!


    • May 3, 2016 / 1:57 pm

      Thank you. I think initially I was quite hurt that anyone would suggest I shouldn’t blog about my life, the implication was that I should feel embarrassed or even ashamed, and that was a bitter pill to swallow. These days I have a much thicker skin and I post whatever I like regardless of whether it is uncomfortable for others to read. I completely agree with you, if you don’t like it then don’t read it. Simple as that!! Xx

  15. May 3, 2016 / 11:15 am

    Happy bloggiversary and here’s to many more to come! I only discovered your blog in the last few months but I’m looking forward to reading much more! #marvmondays

  16. May 3, 2016 / 4:33 pm

    Happy blogiversary! May year 2 be even more successful and fun … 🙂

  17. May 4, 2016 / 12:11 pm

    Congratulations and happy blog-birthday! I love a warts and all blog personally – real life is full of ups and downs, laughter and pain and that’s what we can all relate to, so thank you for being so honest and thanks for a year of great blogging! #bestandworst

    • May 4, 2016 / 7:39 pm

      Thank you! I completely agree, I think its such a comfort when you read that others have the same struggles, that not everyone is living the life that some would have us believe on social media!! The honest approach is always a winner with me! xx

  18. May 4, 2016 / 12:30 pm

    Aww, happy one year! You have an amazing blog 🙂 xx

  19. May 4, 2016 / 2:28 pm

    Happy one year!! I have loved reading some of your stuff and thanks so much for being a regular #bestandworst linker 🙂 Your photo montage is brilliant xx

    • May 4, 2016 / 7:37 pm

      You’re very welcome! I love linking up with you each week, thank you for hosting, and for reading! xx

  20. May 4, 2016 / 6:43 pm

    Happy one year! You are amazing – your writing is amazing and you are inspiring and brave to share so honestly. I look forward to reading more and more of your blog xx #puddinglove

    • May 4, 2016 / 7:36 pm

      Thank you so much. That’s so lovely of you, much appreciated!!! xxx

  21. May 4, 2016 / 6:50 pm

    What a brilliant post. And I love your beautiful pics too. I absolutely applaud you for being so candid and talking about issues such as mental health and your dear son – this is so brave and honest. I am glad that you decided to put yourself out there – it is scary isn’t it but so rewarding too. Happy bloggeversary to you and I look forward to reading your posts over the next 12 months x #puddinglove

    • May 4, 2016 / 7:35 pm

      Thank you, that’s really lovely of you to say so. It’s actually been the best thing I ever did in sharing my story, especially being able to share the memory of my son. Just being able to say his name more often has been such a comfort, particularly as his tenth birthday approaches, I love that his name is known amongst so many of you, what better way to keep his memory alive. Thank you for reading. xx

      • Baby Anon
        May 4, 2016 / 7:38 pm

        That gave me a lump in my throat. How wonderful that his memory is being kept alive. Xx

        • May 4, 2016 / 7:51 pm

          Aww bless you, thank you so much. xxx

  22. May 4, 2016 / 7:08 pm

    Happy blogiversary! I’m stunned that you have only been blogging for a year – I love your blog, as you know 🙂 I think your writing is wonderful, your honesty really shows and your pictures are always beautiful. Can’t wait to read more of it in the next year xx #puddinglove

    • May 4, 2016 / 7:34 pm

      Thank you so much! It’s a huge compliment to me that others read my blog, let alone like it!! Thanks again! xx

  23. May 4, 2016 / 8:13 pm

    Happy 1st birthday – I really thought you had been going for much longer. Well done lovely your blog is amazing and you write so beautifully xx

    • May 4, 2016 / 8:35 pm

      Thank you so much! That’s a real compliment! Here’s hoping my second year is a good one! Xxx

  24. May 5, 2016 / 3:14 am

    What a fantastic montage of photos. Such a beautiful family. And happy birthday…we are nearly twins! #bestandworst

    • May 5, 2016 / 9:15 pm

      Thank you! Ooh fab! Happy birthday to you too!! Xx

  25. twotinyhands
    May 5, 2016 / 7:37 am

    Wow a year well done! That’s a great achievement. For someone that’s been going 2.5 months it certainly Spurs me on so that I can write my one year Oscar speech!! Such a shame that people have said don’t blog about certain things, it’s you’re voice you can do what you want with it. If they don’t think you should write it, then they shouldn’t read it! You do have lovely children, you write so well! Congratulations ? thanks for linking to #abrandnewday

    • May 5, 2016 / 9:15 pm

      Thank you! I’m sure your first year will fly by!! Xx

  26. carolcliffe
    May 5, 2016 / 10:49 am

    Happy Blogaversary! Wow you’ve achieved so much in a year! Your images are so beautiful, how do you make that beautiful photo montage? OK, if it’s a trade secret I understand. I ask too many questions!! Lovely to see you over at #bestandworst

    • May 5, 2016 / 9:14 pm

      Thank you! Oh WordPress does the montage for you! You just select the photos you want to include and choose the mosaic option and it inserts it into your post. If you don’t use WordPress then there are lots of apps that create montages for you! Xx

      • carolcliffe
        May 5, 2016 / 11:07 pm

        Thanks, I’ll have a look at that one then xx

  27. May 5, 2016 / 11:06 am

    Happy 1ST Blogiversary! Its a great achievement reaching 1 year old! I love all your photos. Always blog about what you want to write about! xx

    Thanks for linking up with #puddinglove xx

    • May 5, 2016 / 9:13 pm

      Thank you, great advice. Xx

  28. May 5, 2016 / 6:26 pm

    lovely blog post and I love that you have stayed true to yourself warts and all! happy anniversary!! #puddinglove

  29. Nige
    May 5, 2016 / 7:48 pm

    Congrats Laura I really am amazed its only been a year that you have been blogging I love your posts and your blog is brilliant success for the next year X #bestandworst

    • May 5, 2016 / 9:10 pm

      Thanks Nige! Feels like it has flown!! Xx

  30. May 5, 2016 / 9:33 pm

    Congrats with the 1 year anniversary! Being consistent with blogging can be difficult, so well done. Great pics btw.

  31. May 6, 2016 / 2:16 pm

    I wish there was a “love” button for this post because I loved reading it and love all of the gorgeous pics of your beautiful family.
    I cannot believe that the honest content you choose to share is offensive to people! They need to get over themselves. I love blogs that share the truth, honest rubbish of life as much as the highs, its what I do and I connect and relate to them. It educates and its REAL LIFE! Not all plain sailing. I love them as much as the lovely. all happy posts blogs too. We are individuals and some have had harder things to deal with than others, but equally appreciate those highs so much more.
    Keep sharing your story – you inspire and its lovely to read, even the sad stuff, because its a reminder and comfort your not alone! x #bestandworst

    • May 8, 2016 / 8:40 pm

      Thank you so much Mary, that’s so sweet of you. I think it’s important to write something that you in turn would love to read, otherwise, what’s the point? It may not always make the most comfortable of reads, but like you say, it’s real life, and pretending otherwise wont change things!! Thank you for reading, means a lot! xx

  32. May 6, 2016 / 3:17 pm

    Beautiful pictures and a fantastic writer. Happy Blogoversary to you my dear and I look forward to reading the next year, the highs and the lows. Thanks for linking #PuddingLove

    • May 8, 2016 / 8:39 pm

      Thank you so much! Here’s to the next 12 months! xx

  33. newmummyblogcom
    May 10, 2016 / 9:12 pm

    Happy blog birthday! Your writing is brilliant and so honest and true. You can really tell you mean and feel every word. Well done one so many AMAZING achievements in just one year! Thanks for sharing #thebabyformula

    • May 12, 2016 / 8:51 pm

      Thank you, I sometimes worry I am too honest, I leave myself feeling very vulnerable, but it has been therapeutic to share so much and have such amazing support. Thank you. xxx

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