How to Look and Feel Good When You Have Little Ones 

It’s not always easy to look stylish while out and about with the kids. From finding yourself covered in drool just as you pop your brand-new top on to realising there’s something sticky in your hair, there are a lot of obstacles in the way of regaining some composure before you head out the door.  

Whether you’re taking the kids to the park or you’re heading out for a baby-free lunch, here are some top tips to make yourself look and feel presentable again.


Look After Your Skin 

Fitting in a decent skincare routine isn’t always easy when you have little people running around, however it is possible! Allowing even five minutes a day for your skin can really make a difference. A quick daily cleanse and tone can pep your skin up, while a dedicated 10 minutes for a face mask once a week can rejuvenate tired skin. 

Do Your Do 

We all go through the mill a bit hair-wise. From hair loss after the baby’s arrived, to the constant tugging at your follicles, it’s a tough time for your scalp. Give yourself a break from the ‘mum bun’ by treating yourself to a new ‘do’. If you can grab the time, style it the way you did pre-baby or for those days when you’re rushed off your feet, dry shampoo can work miracles.  

Get Comfy 

Being comfortable is so important. Wearing clothes and footwear that allow you to get to where you’re going without causing pain or discomfort is ideal for everything from trips to the zoo to dinner with friends. 

Dress Up 

That’s not to say you needn’t ever dress up again. For those child-free evenings out with the mums from NCT, it’s your time to go all-out. Pop your make-up on, do your hair and don those stilettos. Whichever way you love to dress on a night out, then go for it now. Feeling glam for a night is a sure-fire way to give you a boost after a little too much time watching CBeebies.  

Accessorise, Darling! 

If you love a good bag, like this from Radley, or a pair of earrings perk you up, make sure you treat yourself to the accessories you adore. Try to grab them and put them on first thing, though, otherwise you’ll get distracted and forget to add them to your ensemble.  

What little things are you doing to feel stylish while you’re out and about? Do you have any tricks and tips to add a touch of class you an outfit?  


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