5 Nursing Skills You Already Mastered as a Mum

I  wasn’t convinced when a friend told me that a career in nursing is a great opportunity to explore, but the more she explained, the more I agree with her reasoning. Being a mother of five myself, I know for a fact that a lot of the things we mums do to take care of our children are very similar to the day-to-day task nurses deal with on a regular basis.

In fact, you already have most of the essential skills you need to become a great nurse if you’re a mom. Here are the top five nursing skills you already mastered as a mum.


Nurses are required to communicate well with their patients; it’s very similar to how mums need to be able to communicate well with their children. I said communication because it goes far beyond talking.

As a professional nurse, you have to also be able to listen and pick up non-verbal cues effectively. Of course, the same communication skill is put to the test when you are trying to provide the best care and attention to your children.


We always plan ahead. When children are a part of the equation, even the most mundane task can be quite complicated. Going on a family trip on a lovely Sunday morning, for example, involves a lot of preparation.

Planning is an essential skill for nurses too. Top RN to MSN online programs from reputable names such as the University of Arizona have classes on planning for professional nurses. Planning involves prioritizing and organizing tasks. It is an important skill to have considering the field of nursing is a demanding one.

Teamwork and Leadership

Even when you are an incredible mum, you have to get your partner and the children on board to get things done. This is where your leadership instinct kicks in. Being able to motivate and organize other members of the family to do their jobs in different situations is what makes you a great mum.

The same skill will make you a great nurse too. A nurse always works as part of a bigger unit and teamwork is an essential skill everyone must have for the unit to function properly in delivering care to patients.

Problem Solving

I can tell you hundreds of stories about how I had to come up with unconventional solutions when dealing with children-related problems. The same solution that worked yesterday may not work again today; yes, children are that smart, especially when it comes to getting around the rules.

The more problems you solve, the better you will be at solving them. Problem-solving is a skill that separates good nursing professionals from the best. Modern RN to MSN programs even includes role-play and similar methods to sharpen the problem-solving abilities of future nurses.


This last one is more a virtue than a skill, but it is a virtue you can develop as a mum. Patience is always a valuable trait to have, both as a mother and as a nurse. This trait completes our list of the five essential nursing skills you already mastered as a mum. If you ever want to consider nursing as a career, you know you have what it takes to succeed.


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