Why Your New Build Family Home Probably Doesn’t Need a Basement 

Have you ever wondered why the greater majority of new homes aren’t built with basements anymore? You can remember the days when you’d play for hours in your grandparents’ basement when they were minding you or when you’d go to spend the weekend to give mum and dad a much needed break. Sometimes the basement merely had a dirt floor and other times it was a bare concrete or cement floor but it was always damp and dark and fun to play in whilst imagining ghosts roaming the cellar waiting to pop out of a dark corner when you least expected it. Of course, ghosts never materialised, but those were the days you long to recreate with your kids. Unfortunately, new builds hardly ever have basements any more for more than a few reasons. 

Basements Are No Longer Needed 

Before refrigeration, basements were the main place where perishables were stored. Fruits and vegetables could typically be stored all winter long but now that is no longer necessary. Some basements had a specially cordoned off wine cellar where family wines were stored, but even those are a thing of the past because of the expense it would take to keep that wine cellar at the appropriate temperature and humidity level. Today, families with fine wines can store their treasured vintages in professional cellars like those found on the Octavian website. You will find that these Corsham Cellars take the worry out of storing fine wines as they should be kept. 

Basements Are Cost Prohibitive 

Within recent years, many of London’s elite have looked towards building homes with basements. Today, a new build with a basement is a luxury most families can’t afford. Yes, a basement would add extra living space but a loft conversion is so much cheaper and easier to keep at liveable temperatures. The one thing most people aren’t aware of is that a basement functions as the foundation whereas the loft is part of the roofing structure. In that a basement is part of the foundation, it must be located below the freezing line and this is why digging and constructing a basement would almost always be expensive in a country where much of the year is cold. 

Britons Prefer Garden Buildings and Patios 

What you may have noticed is that a growing number of homeowners in the UK are focused on landscaping their gardens to provide a place of quiet solitude in the sunshine. Trending are open air patios as a home extension and garden buildings which can be turned into granny quarters or extra space for home offices, craft rooms and extra bedrooms as the family grows. Who wants to put granny or a child in the basement? (Maybe you shouldn’t answer that!) But all joking aside, Britons simply want to live in bright surroundings and basements aren’t exactly a place you can bring sunshine into. 

If you are in the midst of working with a builder to design your new home, you might want to reconsider that basement you thought you needed. The cost alone should be a deterrent, but if not, there are better ways to add storage or living space so perhaps you’d like to have that loft completed instead of going underground.  


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