Using Rattan Furniture to Create an Outdoor Room

Whether the place you call home is compact or bijou, or a family home with acres of space, when the sun shines, the garden becomes the playroom, the dining room, the living room and in some cases, the kitchen too… or it can be.

If your garden feels like an empty, unwelcoming space, you need to turn it into an outdoor room. And you can transform your garden with rattan furniture and a few well-chosen accessories too. Here’s how…

Step 1 – Zone your garden

This doesn’t mean building walls but having a plan on paper or at least in your head of where certain activities will be carried out. For example, many people place the dining area closest to the door into the kitchen or home. Or you may decide you want to place the dining set in the sunnier spot.

Once you have an idea of who you will use the garden room, you can start to add rattan garden furniture.

Why choose rattan furniture?

It is a sustainable, lightweight but incredibly robust material that has a variety of uses. The fronds of the fast-growing plant are strong, even stronger when woven together. Easy to manoeuvre in your garden, there is a growing range of rattan furniture items to choose from too.

Step 2 – The dining zone

If nothing else, you will probably spend a lot of time dining in the garden, enjoying the sun and listening to the children play or the sounds and sights of nature all around you. 

A relaxed dining area is achieved by a stylish, informal dining set but if you don’t have a lot of room consider a cube set. The comfy chairs when not in use can be pushed under the table, leaving you with a neat cube.

Add even more comfort

Many dining sets come with their own cushions and seat padding, but you can add more with scatter cushions. Indoor cushions work just as well but bring them in when not in use as they won’t weather well.

Step 3 – The relaxing zone

Even if you do dine al fresco a lot, it doesn’t mean that the only option is a dining table with chairs.

Rattan is a versatile material that can be used to make all kinds of furniture items, including;

  • Outdoor rattan sofas – complete with deep-filled cushions, the outdoor sofa is making a huge impact on how we use the garden. Perfect for the whole family and any guests to enjoy an informal get-together in the garden, this item is well worth the investment.
  • The rattan sun lounger – the sun lounger has been a garden staple for decades but not all lingers are equal in the sense of comfort. The rattan sun lounger, however, offers a firm and solid base without being heavy. So much so, that many people enjoy their sun lounger as the outdoor armchair during the summer months.

Add style and elegance with…

… throws as well as cushions. Draping layers of throws in complimentary colours will add a sense of cosiness to the outdoor room but is a practical addition too. Wrap up on a chilly evening but still enjoy the spring and summer, and even the cooler evenings of autumn.

Step 4 – Introduce low-key boundaries and edging

There are simple twists and additions that transform the garden into a cosy outdoor room…

  • Rugs – outdoor rugs are becoming increasingly affordable and with a range of colourful patterns to choose from, using rugs is one means of marking out zones and spaces. Just like you would in the house, make sure you choose a rug that is large enough for the space.
  • Lighting – from pretty post lights to post lights and uplighters, to twinkling string lights, adding lights (can you ever add enough?!) gives the whole space a warm glow. This retains the sense of connection and cohesion between the different zones too.
  • Plants in pots – a garden should be awash with greenery and brightly coloured blooms, all giving off their sweet scent as the summer breeze gently caresses their petals. As well as clever planting in flower borders, potted blooms and shrubs are a great way of creating pathways without marking them out. In effect, a pot acts as an obstacle, subtly ‘forcing’ people to take a certain route from one area to another.

The garden is a space that with a few changes here and there, can become a beautiful outdoor room and with rattan furniture as the star players, you can achieve so much. 

Transform your garden with stylish, affordable rattan furniture from online retailer, Rattan Direct and enjoy the garden whatever the season. 


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