Reasons Why High School Students Buy Essays Online

Despite the common belief the laziness of modern students is highly overestimated and we tend to blame Hollywood in it. The Hollywood movies should take the blame because they always show students partying, using drugs, drinking alcoholic beverages and getting into existential crises. In other words, doing anything except for studying, writing academic papers, etc. Previously it was related only to college students, but now even high schoolers become the heroes of such movies. From our experience — most of the high school students are very far from this description, and if they buy essays online, it is in more than 75% cases not because they party hard. Buy why? Let’s get to the most common reasons for students to order essays online.

Reason #1. Unbearable Academic Load

Hundreds of articles have been written on this issue, thousands of posts in the variety of blogs and forums were discussed by students themselves, professors, instructors, supervisors and parents of high-schoolers. Most of them blame the educational system for being too demanding, we would even say stupidly demanding when it comes to essay writing and other writing assignments in high school. The variety of research materials show that sometimes high-schoolers study the same amount of time as university students, which means they have a school day longer than an averagely paid work-day. It should be changed, because students get mentally and morally exhausted, their performance declines along with their self-esteem. When they can’t stand it anymore, when they feel snowed under the variety of the essays to write, they buy them online.

Reason #2. Parents’ Inflated Expectations and Ambitions

Some parents want to help their students with writing load and some parents want their high-schoolers to receive only the highest grades: always, in any discipline, no matter what. In the first case parents themselves look for a reliable agency to order a high school essay, and in the second case, students buy such essays themselves to answer their parents’ demands and expectations. From what we know, lots of parents encourage such practice, valuing fake results over the real accomplishments and hard work.

Reason #3. Modern Students Learn to Delegate Early

The ability to delegate complex tasks or those tasks you only don’t find necessary or developing is one of the most useful skills for any employee. Modern students get more and more efficient and learn to diversify their assignments according to their interests and preferences. Well, we cannot blame them, because this practice proves to be exceptionally efficient. It is also a fact that hardly 50% of assignments students have to deal with in a high school are related to their future major or profession. Students choose to write only on something that they see relevant to their dream education and dream jobs. And we are all for this approach!

Reason #4. Students Need More Time for Extra Activities

It would be much easier if students were just studying but it is not how the reality goes nowadays. Students have to deal with the variety of extra activities: some of them they like, some of them they don’t, but all of them require additional time. To do sports professionally, to volunteer, etc., students need time, and they buy this time when ordering academic essays. This practice is typical for any level of education: most of the college and university students look for side jobs and occasionally pay for academic papers because of that.

Reason #5. Some Students Are Just a Little Lazy

Though we’ve already said that it is a rare occasion, we can’t forget to mention it, because sometimes it is the only reason for a student to buy essay online. However, again, we can’t say that we don’t understand high-schoolers doing so. We have the similar problems — we feel lazy to finish our tasks, we procrastinate, we delegate, we hire extra help, and we violate the deadlines.

Buying essays online is a rather simple process if you manage to find a custom essay writing service – professional and reliable. We don’t recommend to use their services too often, because the ability to write academic texts is essential for your success in college and university. More of it, lots of jobs descriptions require an excellent command of the English language and the ability to write engaging texts.


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