My 5 wishes for our bedroom makeover

When we bought our house, over five years ago now, our priority was always to decorate the children’s bedrooms and our living areas. And although over the years we have done all of those things, some twice over, our bedroom has been at the bottom of the list when it comes to priorities. That’s why I am so excited that the time has come to finally decorate our bedroom!

I have have written my top 5 wishes for a bedroom makeover, and I’m hoping that Gaz will just go along with my ideas for our room. Fingers crossed!

1. Country Cottage decor

Although our house is a real mix of styles, there was no question for me what I wanted from our bedroom. I am a big fan of the country cottage style decor and, if done right, I think this is a timeless, welcoming, and relaxing look for a room.

2. White wooden furniture

One of the things I really want from our bedroom is to create a light and airy space using lots of white and pastel colours, and white furniture was a real must have. The hard part is deciding what style of furniture to go for, and particularly whether to have fitted wardrobes or free standing, but having spent hours trawling the internet I found lots of inspiration on Lionshome and I think we are wanting to go with a more traditional style of wardrobe in white wood.

3. Florals

I am all about the florals!! Obviously Gaz doesn’t want us to go too crazy with this theme but I think that country cottage can still be a serene style of décor and I really want to work with the florals and the soft palettes, without making the look too chintzy. Less is definitely more when it comes to our home!

4. Carpeted floor

Choosing between carpets and wooden floors was difficult as I am always torn about the practicalities with wooden flooring so much easier to look after. That said, I want our room to have a cosy warm feel and, as lovely as wooden floors look, I want to get out of bed in the morning and feel my feet sink into the carpet and not a cold hard floor.

5. A dressing table

When we moved into our house I was determined to make the most of having a good sized bedroom with a dressing table, something I have waited for my whole life! Obviously when three babies came along very quickly, the space I had reserved for my dressing table then housed the Moses basket and my plans for my dressing area went out of the window! This year I want to finally be able to sit down and get ready at a traditional style dressing table.

I think once we have the basics covered I will be able to introduce lots of lovely accessories – throws, cushions, wall art – and really give the room a personal feel. It’s always a big job to completely renovate an entire room but the thought of how lovely it will be to go to bed every night in beautiful surroundings is spurring me on! I can’t wait to share the results with you all!

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