Getting Your Relationship Back On Track

I’m sure that every relationship has been tested at some point, and all couples go through bad times as well as good. It can be very easy to walk away when things get tough but when a marriage reaches a crisis point there are many ways you can work together to get your relationship back on track should you be willing to really make that effort.

1. Seeking help from an on-line couples therapist

One of the biggest reasons why relationships struggle is due to a lack of time. With so many of us juggling children and careers, our relationships often take a back seat and we can easily neglect the ones we love, often without even realising it. During those times we could all benefit from couples counselling and yet due to such heavy schedules, it often feels impossible.

Seeking on-line couples counselling is the perfect way to get the help you need without even having to leave the home. For those who struggle to find time off from commitments with work and children, getting on-line support is so easy and hugely beneficial. You can read more about online couples counselling at

2. Date Nights

Having a date night with your partner may seem like a strange occasion and yet for busy couples, it really is necessary to pencil in regular dates and stick to them in the same way you did when you were dating. The great thing about date nights is that they don’t need to be extravagant or expensive, it is all about making uninterrupted time for each other enjoying something as simple as a walk together after dinner, a home cooked meal when the kids are in bed, or even a night away to switch off and focus on each other.

3. Turn off your phone!

One of the biggest issues between couples are mobile phones, mainly the fact that we are all permanently glued to our phones and ultimately fail to interact with our own partner sat beside us. When relationships hit a crisis it can be easy to sink even deeper into an on-line world, browsing social media, chatting with friends, entertaining ourselves with games, and resentment of the phone, and each other, can soon grow.

For anyone struggling to get their relationship back on track having strict rules about mobile phone use is paramount. Banning phones from meal times or the bedroom can be just what you need to reconnect, to enjoy conversation, and to focus more on each other than those around you.

4. Focus on the positives

It can be very easy when you’re relationship is suffering to focus purely on the negatives and yet vitally important that we turn that around and focus on the positives. So instead of listing all of the reasons why you are unhappy in a relationship, or the reasons why your partner is failing you, list the things you enjoy about your relationship, and the qualities you love in your partner.

Relationships are hard and they require a lot of hard work, understanding, and forgiveness at times, but when you persevere and make the effort to put each other first, relationships really can last a lifetime.

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