Designing a Modern Bathroom 

Bathroom trends change over time. Few people would fit a bathroom that suited the styles of the 1970s and 1980s these days, even if they like retro-chic. New trends take over and the old ones fade away. This is as true with bathroom design as it is in many other walks of life, not just interior décor. As such, the bathroom you are using every day will inevitably start to look drab and need to be updated.

Whether you live in Harrogate or the surrounding areas, keeping your bathroom up to date is essential. Despite the number of older buildings there are in the Harrogate area, anyone who wants to make his or her sense of style come to the fore in their interior design must concentrate on a modern looking bathroom. Read on for some tips on designing a modern bathroom regardless of the age of your home.

Use Trendy Bathroom Fixtures

One of the most cost-effective ways to update your bathroom’s look to a more contemporary style is to go for chic tap heads and other bathroom fixtures. As well as this, the appropriate use of stylish mirrors can really make a difference. Furthermore, the use of modern tiles is another great way of providing a makeover that will bring your bathroom into the twenty-first century.

Update Your Bathroom’s Flooring

Another good way you can give your bathroom a perfect modern style that is inspirational when you step inside is to alter the flooring. All too often old-fashioned lino is used in bathrooms which let them down. Of course, this is a very practical material but it is hardly trendy. Instead, look for more up-to-date options like bamboo flooring. Bamboo is widely used in top hotels these days because it offers a hardwood feel underfoot while being totally sustainable.

Focus on Lighting

One large ceiling light in the middle of the bathroom may be all you need but it doesn’t exactly look modern in contemporary bathroom design. Instead, consider recessed LED spotlights which generate a much more desirable look when you are using your bathroom. Dimmable LEDs are very effective if you want to create a chill-out atmosphere in your bathroom. In addition, you can use under cabinet lighting and wall washes which will give your bathroom a trendy, spa-like feel. There are even light fittings you can use these days which will go beneath the water line in your bath, a good option for a modern look which is also great fun.

You can come up with a contemporary plan for your dream bathroom with our bespoke professional bathroom design service. Visit Harrogate Bathrooms website to set an appointment or visit our bathroom showroom. You’ll see just how remarkable the bathroom designs we come up with are. 


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