5 Reasons Why Glamping is Great for Families

With more families opting for staycations, there has been an increase in the need for unique accommodation perfect for families. Over the last decade or so, glamping has grown in popularity mainly due to its convenience and uniqueness, and this can be a great option for those looking to do something a little bit different. With it becoming harder and harder to make time for each other, planning a holiday with the whole family and spending some well-deserved time away from reality is often much needed.

Glamping gives families the option to explore somewhere completely new whilst staying in a beautiful and unique abode. Take a look at these five reasons why glamping is great for families.

Quality Time Together

Can you remember the last time you all spent some quality time together?

Glamping provides the perfect time to slow down the pace of life a little while enjoying each other’s company in a truly magical place. Go old-school; bring along a pack of cards, some board games and listen to some music rather than popping the television on. Use your glamping holiday to really reconnect with one another and appreciate the quality time you have.

Everyone understands that the busyness of everyday life gets in the way, but it is essential that you make some time for each other!

Fresh Air

In more modern times, we tend to spend a lot more time indoors than outdoors but getting outside comes with an array of benefits! Studies have shown that bodies with a high oxygen level also have higher level of serotonin, which in short contributes to making people a lot happier and more relaxed!

Spending time outdoors boosts your mood, while many of us are already aware that fresh air is usually a great way to get a good night’s sleep!

Learn About Nature

Children often find nature captivating and provides them with an awe-inspiring environment. Nature can be a playground, with insects and wildlife to discover. The sense of wonder gained by spending times outdoors and finding animals to uncover provides children with an appreciation for the living things surrounding them; whether you are glamping in Dorset or elsewhere, the UK will provide plenty of chances for them to do so!

Go on an Adventure

When travelling with the whole family in tow, you can really have a wonderful time. From embarking on a walk through a mysterious forest or along the blustery coast, you can have a great adventure together.

Additionally, glamping can seem like an adventure in itself, and this is due to the wonderful range of glamping abodes you can stay in. From treehouses and cabins to yurts and shepherds huts the possibilities are endless. Glamping also helps to develop a child’s sense of adventure as you will all be spending time in a new place, with unfamiliar surroundings and endless possibilities enthuse a child’s passion for the unknown and an adventure!


Life can sometimes get tough with busy work and school schedules, so it is important to take some time to relax and rejuvenate. Glamping provides everyone with this, as many of the abodes are based in the countryside

meaning that there are no distractions. Just bring a few books, board games and make the most of this time away from your busy schedules.

Glamping provides everyone with a wonderful experience and can be a great alternative to the usual type of holiday you go for!

Have you ever been glamping? Let me know in the comments below!


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