A new office – no kids allowed!

When I first started blogging, it was very much a hobby. I used to snatch a moment here and there, while the kids were napping, engrossed in Mr Tumble, or in the evening when they were asleep in bed. And initially, that worked for us.

As my blog grew I soon realised that if I was going to take this seriously, I needed a proper office space. Although working at the kitchen table was useful in that I could keep one eye on the telly whilst being just an arms stretch away from my Snickers stash,  in terms of productivity, it wasn’t the best. I asked a group of parent bloggers where they blogged, and the results were pretty much unanimous – an office was needed!!

I’ve recently made a desk area in the corner of the living room. I love having my own space and I’m in the process of making it pretty and tying it in with our living room decor.”

Gemma – Somewhere after the rainbow.

“We have a tiny apartment and space is at a premium so I don’t have a dedicated ‘work’ area (even though I work from home!) and that’s something I hope to change this year! In the meantime we have a foldout dining table which I use during the day but in the evening it takes up too much room so I lie on the bed to blog.” 

Alex – Better together home.

“I do social networking when my children are busy. But actual writing I do on the corner of my sofa, cup of tea in hand and soaps on in the background. Starting to get bits together for my very own little office space. Can’t wait!”

Kelly – Nature Mum Blog.

“I do have a desk but it’s currently covered in boxes since moving in (over a year ago…!). I do all my blogging on the laptop at the dining room table – it’s not ideal but I can keep an eye on my 4 year old! Would love my own space though!”

Elaine – Entertaining Elliot.

“I would love a proper desk and work space but unfortunately my blogging is mostly done on the couch with laptop on my knee! My ‘office’ is a very slow work in progress.”

Lyndsey – Me, him, the dog and a baby.

“I have made it my new year goal to give myself a working space. I always sit on the sofa and work and I know I just don’t do as much as I should. Plus the kids always type on my laptop! I am outside for my photography though. I think I need a space to think. Its coming soon!”

Rebecca – Wishes & Wellies.

And so having gathered my evidence that an office was vitally important if I wanted to take my blogging seriously, I convinced Gaz to start the mammoth task of re-jigging our rooms to get project “Make me an office!” underway. And while he did the hard work, I got my priorities straight and was straight on line, browsing Furniture at Work office furniture, and getting ridiculously excited over filing cabinets and swivel chairs!


And it turns out that, having never had an office before, there is so much to consider! The options for chairs are endless – high back, low back, fabric, mesh, leather; chairs to support your upper back, your lower back, neck and head. I learned that working at a desk can cause a whole host of issues that I had never even considered, especially with my back problems, and found myself preparing with a little office yoga!

Having finally settled on a chair (leather, fully supportive, super swivelly!), and a desk (with lots of little drawers just the perfect size for my Snickers!!), I am super excited for the office to finally be ready. And, once I have sat back and watched Gaz do all of the hard work, I will be hanging my new sign on the door, leaning back into my executive leather chair and feeling very self important as I eat my Snickers in peace get my work done without distraction!!


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