All about me


My name is Laura, I am 37, married to Gaz and Mummy to five very special children – Lewis 14, Eva 6, Megan 5, Harrison 4 and Joseph who would have been 12 this year. I share with you the ups and downs of parenting and the things, people and places we love.

My blog covers many subjects ranging from days out and travel, reviews and collaborations and the logistics of parenting three under three, to the more serious topics of mental health, chronic illness and the subject closest to my heart – baby loss.

In 2006 our whole world ended when we heard the words that no parent ever wants to hear. I’m sorry, your baby has died. At twenty six years old I had never even heard of a baby being stillborn before, let alone considered that it could happen to us, and naturally we were devastated. With the passing weeks I felt increasingly isolated with my grief, struggling with the fact that baby loss was very much a taboo and whilst others were there to comfort us initially, ultimately it was something that was expected to be brushed under the carpet. And I was in no way able to do that.

Writing became a form of therapy to me, sharing Josephs memory, reaching out to other bereaved parents, and over the course of the last decade we have tirelessly worked to raise money for SANDS, an amazing charity so close to our hearts, and break down the taboos wherever possible.

Although it is difficult at times to re-visit the darkest days of our lives, when I hear that my story has been a comfort to a Mother in the same situation, or has made a difference to the outcome of a pregnancy, I know that it was worthwhile. In sharing the story of our four healthy children, the beautiful little rainbows that followed, I want to give hope to my readers that although you may feel that your entire world has ended when you lose a child, you will find a way to be happy again and discover a new kind of normal, perhaps not the life you had planned for, but a happy life none the less.