The new Mr Frosty? – ChillFactor Slushy maker review

When we were asked to review the Chill Factor Frozen Brain Slush Maker, I instantly knew that the children would love it. And not just the children, but for me, who to this day is still bitter about the fact that I never received the Mr Frosty I desperately wanted growing up, I hoped that this would make up for it on some level!

I promised the children that we could make the slush puppies yesterday only to read that the cup needs to be placed in the freezer for at least four hours before, a massive fail on my part and a lesson to always read the instructions first! After a few tears, and a small bribe, I promised the children that we could make them today and we placed the the cup in the freezer over night.

This morning, at 6.30am, Eva bounded into our bedroom shouting, “It’s time to make the slush puppy!!”, her excitement very much the same as mine when I used to circle the Mr Frosty in the Argos catalogue each Christmas, certain that this would be the year it landed in my stocking!

The instructions for the slush maker are really simply – simply choose the (chilled) drink of your choice and pour it in!

The instructions state to squeeze the cup several times and the drink will miraculously turn to slush! So Eva squeezed, and squeezed…….and squeezed!!

After a few minutes of squeezing, and her little hands getting tired, I took over and squeezed for another few minutes. Eventually some of the drink turned to slush, although some remained as a liquid despite squeezing it for far longer than was recommended.

Eva was over the moon with her slush puppy, slurping it up and instantly asking for another one. I, on the otherhand, was a little disappointed. I was expecting the drink to turn entirely to slush and, if I’m honest, I felt a little bit let down. After thirty seven years I realised that my parents had probably felt the same way about Mr Frosty – that the idea of it was great but the reality wasn’t all it cracked up to be.

Regardless of that, it was a huge hit with the kids who loved the novelty of making the drink and of course, enjoying it afterwards!

The ChillFactor Frozen Brain Slushy Maker is available from RRP £12.99